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Wilkinson & Company: Accounting Solutions for Bay of Quinte Businesses

October 16, 2020

A lot of businesses come to the Bay of Quinte for the centrality, but also the Bay itself. There’s a lot of growth and opportunity in the region with a large customer base. Plus, people are drawn to the water and the lifestyle it provides. With access to great fishing and boating on Lake Ontario, it’s a place people want to live. Not every area has that.

Jon Tuer, Partner Wilkinson & Company LLP

Founded in 1964, Wilkinson & Company LLP is a leading regional public accounting firm. With well over 5 decades of growth and success, Wilkinson & Company know the many reasons why the region is a key factor in the achievements of local business services companies.

Wilkinson Partner Jon Tuer notes that Wilkinson & Company has an amazing staff and a very strong reputation in the community. People looking to get into accounting recognize that standing, which helps Wilkinson & Company develop talent. “As Belleville grows, more and more highly skilled people come here for the lifestyle of this area.” 

Providing Business Services in a Leading Economic Development Region

The Bay of Quinte region, in Ontario, Canada, is known for high quality businesses in food processing, advanced manufacturing, autoparts, aerospace, plastics and packaging, and logistics and transportation. For each of the companies in those industries, the business services that support them are critical to their success.

As Wilkinson & Company knows, these industries provide a huge demand for business services in the Bay of Quinte area, such as: accounting, telecommunications, management, consulting, training, insurance, marketing, events, media, design, printing, and other professional services.

5 Reasons Business Service Companies Continue to Choose Bay of Quinte

Large Market for Business Services

The Bay of Quinte area is conveniently located in the Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto corridor, so that Wilkinson & Company can serve clients throughout. Many companies choose to locate in the area because of that centrality, which creates a large need for the business services that support those other industries. With all these opportunities, Wilkinson & Company is part of the well-established network of professional business services in the Bay of Quinte that is continually growing to serve expanding client needs.

Highly Engaged Workforce

Another big reason Wilkinson appreciates their Bay of Quinte location is their staff. “We have an amazing staff and a very strong reputation in the community so people looking to get into accounting recognize that which really helps us develop talent,” says Tuer. He notes that finding and retaining staff can be a challenge for any business. It’s easier to attract top calibre staff for longer-term employment with the Bay of Quinte’s high quality of life. Businesses can access loyal, highly trained employees who want to stay in the area, which increases employee retention and productivity.

Boom from Canada’s Largest Air Force Base

8 Wing/CFB Trenton is one of Canada’s busiest air force bases and it keeps growing every year. The military partners with private sector Bay of Quinte companies which support and service aircraft. Recent CFB Trenton expansions resulted in approximately $1 billion dollars invested in Bay of Quinte infrastructure. Some of the Wilkinson & Company staff come from The Base, because they have relocated with their military spouses and become part of the firm, both short- and long-term. The Base provides a lot of people and investment to the Bay of Quinte area, which flows into construction, and from there into other business services.

Small Town Community Lifestyle with All the Amenities

For company owners and C-suite to the most recently hired employees, the high quality Bay of Quinte lifestyle is attractive. Wilkinson & Company has a large core staff who are from the area, went to university elsewhere, and then returned. Other staff are graduates of Queen’s University or Loyalist College who may not be originally from the Bay of Quinte, but chose to stay in the area. Compared with Toronto or Ottawa, the commute to work is a short drive, leaving lots of time to do the things you enjoy after work, which are located nearby. From nature trails and lakes to top quality cuisine and local beverages, there’s something of interest to everyone. Community events and local festivals provide opportunities to explore the arts and culture. Bike trails and shoreline help residents maintain a healthy lifestyle. You’ll want to bring your boat for all the beautiful local waterways. Seasonal slips cost about $50/foot in the Bay of Quinte, compared with about $120/foot in Toronto.

Business Services Feeds Other Sectors

Wilkinson & Company has clients from a wide range of small and medium businesses. From solopreneurs to a staff of 150 people or more, they provide the services that each business needs according to their industry, size and stage. Wilkinson & Company provides support with business planning for startup, acquisition, and restructuring; complete daily and monthly bookkeeping; minimizing income tax while ensuring tax compliance; human resource solutions; and retirement, estate and succession planning for the future. Industry creates the need for Business Services and business services provides a need for other sectors for mutual benefit. When business services grow and help other businesses succeed, the Bay of Quinte community prospers to further its businesses and residents.

QEDC is Proud to Support Business Services

The Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) and partners provide support and resources to Business Services, like Wilkinson & Company, in the Bay of Quinte area. This creates a positive ripple effect across many other sectors of the economy including construction, transportation, and retail.

One of the ways QEDC helps businesses is through the Quinte Business Development Centre (QBDC). Wilkinson & Company know most of the people at the QBDC and work closely with them on a lot of clients, Tuer explains. “We love the way the QBDC brings so many partners together.”

QEDC implements strategies to encourage growth, diversification and investment from companies that complement the existing Bay of Quinte clusters. Business Services add value and create wealth when serving the current industries.

QEDC is well-positioned to support local businesses and business services with key resources and contacts. We’re located in the Bay of Quinte’s Business Development Centre (QBDC), a collection of economic development agencies at all three levels of government, which work together to help businesses relocate and flourish in the Bay of Quinte region.

Chris King CEO, Quinte Economic Development Commission


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