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Bay of Quinte Region Community Profile: Snapshot

The Top 5 Competitive Advantages of The Bay of Quinte region

1. A skilled workforce enjoys a superior quality of life creating a culture of dedicated employees to lessen your labour costs.
2. Location and transportation infrastructure make it easy to access broader North American markets.
3. Utility costs (waste, water, electricity, gas) and property taxes are low, and government incentives help you invest in the region.
4. There are lower land costs and zero development charges on industrial developments in The Bay of Quinte.
5. The region offers continuous improvement of employee talent through Integrated Workforce Development.

Economic Overview – Bay of Quinte Region Demographic Fast Facts

The Bay of Quinte Region offers the following and more:

  • a dedicated, skilled labour force
  • low operational costs
  • zero development charges on industrial development
  • pro-active, supportive economic development team

For full community and demographic data, download the full ‘Bay of Quinte Region – Complete Demographic and Community Information Report


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