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The Bay of Quinte region is attracting industry and residents who want to take advantage of high quality location at a lower cost of business and living. The Quinte Economic Development Commission collects the relevant demographic and economic data to help industry make crucial investment decisions. This information is compiled into the Bay of Quinte Demographic Report as a resource for investors.


population of Bay of Quinte

Bay of Quinte Demographic Report

Businesses looking to relocate to The Bay of Quinte enjoy a breadth of support, including multiple local economic development offices throughout the area. In particular, the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) helps you determine whether the region will suit your unique relocation requirements.

The Bay of Quinte Community Demographic Report is a preliminary tool offering you a glimpse of the region. But QEDC’s support to local businesses is unceasing: from helping you source custom workforce training to government incentives.



population of the Greater Bay of Quinte region

The following is a snapshot of the demographic picture for the Bay of Quinte region but for complete community and demographic data:

Population: 113,739*

The Bay of Quinte region has two major urban areas – the cities of Belleville and Quinte West (Trenton) – and a large rural base including the Municipality of Brighton.

City of Belleville: 55,071

City of Quinte West: 46,560

Municipality of Brighton: 12,108

Greater Bay of Quinte region: 236,804

Workforce 110,00 Strong

Noted for their strong, rural work ethic, the labour force has over 110,000 people within a 45-minute drive. The area’s workforce is business-oriented and less than 20% of the region is unionized.

The low turnover and minimal absenteeism further decreases the Bay of Quinte’s inexpensive labour costs. Wages are modest in comparison to the major metropolitan areas in Ontario, and Canada’s provincial averages.


57% of the region’s population 15+

has completed a diploma or degree.

Education levels in the Bay of Quinte region mirror those at the Provincial level. Among the region’s residents, more than 93,000 make on-the-job use of their mechanical, industrial, technical, computer or other skills.

Population figures, Statistics Canada 2021 Census

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