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tech related businesses in Bay of Quinte

Better Business Support Lets You Do More In The Bay Of Quinte

Want to innovate high-tech solutions and work in a hub of successful industry leaders in aerospace, manufacturing, food processing, logistics and packaging? Get connected to the support you need to succeed: a thriving, talented workforce, targeted networking, and support services vital to your company.

Entrepreneur Ecosystem

includes over a dozen partner organizations


Quinte Economic Development and our partners at the Quinte Business Development Centre

The Quinte Business Development Centre is a partnership of municipal, provincial and federally supported, not-for-profit organizations that support the start-up and development of business in the Quinte area. This ecosystem of organizations offer business-counselling, financing, corporate training and more services for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. For the convenience of our client’s it provides one-stop shopping for business related inquiries and support at our shared facilities in the Pioneer Building, Loyalist College at 284B Wallbridge-Loyalist Road, Belleville.

Your Business in Quinte is a helpful resource devoted to showcasing other successful entrepreneurs in the Quinte area.


There’s plenty of opportunities to share and network with the growing industry clusters here in the region. The Quinte Technology Association (QTA) and the Quinte Manufacturers Association (QMA and each local Chamber of Commerce office meet regularily to share best practices, industry knowledge and learn.

Reach out to our team for more information on how we can help you build your business.

Before, I was doing all of this on my own. I had no idea that such an extensive ecosystem existed in the Bay of Quinte to support business growth. Now I’m grateful that I don’t have to do all of this on my own. The QEDC and their partners at the Quinte Business Development Centre have been a huge support

Josiah Fallaise FDF Racing

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Our experienced team is available to assist with the growing industry hub and new investments in the Bay of Quinte region. Call +1-613-961-7990 or use our online contact form to get started.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Vicki Bristow Ferguson

Business Development Officer

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Mike Hewitt

Coordinator, MRC

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Rachael Lamb

Administrative Assistant

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