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Why Nesda Chose the Bay of Quinte for Business

March 8, 2019

provider of all things cloud. With on-site data centres, Nesda specializes in highly confidential data management for businesses that value personalized support and knowing exactly where their data is stored.

Nesda Gives You 4 More Reasons For Operating a Business in the Bay of Quinte

There are many ways that the growth of high-tech companies is supported in the Bay of Quinte. For Nesda, the region offers excellent geographical proximity to customers and a talented local workforce, in addition to the support that the QEDC provides.

Cloud Services for Local Business

All of Nesda’s data centres are located in Ontario, which means clients know exactly where their data are stored. For businesses with sensitive information, or those just getting into cloud-based services, having a local company, with in-house servers is huge. Data is safe, within the province, and businesses can be confident that it is in the hands of a highly capable team.

Nesda is also known for its personalized approach. There is no ticketing process for IT inquiries, instead, a business can pick up the phone or shoot at email to one of the company’s experts to get quick advice and resolution of issues. Because of its convenient location in the Bay of Quinte, Nesda also offers on-site services and can easily visit other businesses in Ontario.

2. Convenient Location for Business Opportunities

The Bay of Quinte is home to an established business cluster, with many companies in the manufacturing and high-tech sector. Nesda has been able to serve the technology-heavy industries, as well as quite a diverse customer base in the region, including government, healthcare, banking, HR, and manufacturing.

The Bay of Quinte is also well-positioned between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, which are also home to a large number of companies requiring IT and cloud-based solutions. For Nesda, reaching their clients in neighbouring cities is an easy drive away.

3. Local Education and Training Partners

Nesda employs four bright Loyalist grads at its company. Loyalist College provides specialized training programs geared to the local industries. With technical programs at the forefront, employers have access to highly qualified new grads with the skills they need.

In addition, strategic partnerships between the college and the province have resulted in training programs curated for manufacturing and food processing plants, such as the Elevate PLUS initiative. Loyalist College has also partnered with companies to provide facilities and training for future technologies.

4. Exceptional Employee Experience

When it comes to hiring employees, Nesda knows they can find trained workforce candidates locally. “These are residents who know the local community and many of our customers already,” notes Business/HR Manager, Delilah Chartrand. “They have the required training and they love the Bay of Quinte lifestyle, so they are motivated, long-term employees, who are often raising families in the area.”

Employees benefit from the community feel, and value the time and money saved working in the Bay of Quinte versus suffering through the lifestyle issues that plague some of North America’s largest cities. Michael Summers, owner of Nesda, explains that “employees love the lifestyle we can offer at Nesda, because they aren’t commuting for two hours a day, and they can enjoy the community and work-life balance.”

Nesda Thrilled to Win QBAA Award for B2B IT Solutions

Owner, Michael Summers, credits the incredible support his company has received from the Bay of Quinte region for their recent Quinte Business Achievement Award (QBAA). With 19 nominees in the Specialized Service category, Michael is quick to point out what a compliment it is to be selected from such a high-quality group of peers.

For more information on the QEDC and how they can help your business, visit them online.


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