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Why an Advanced Manufacturing Company Chose to Distribute Internationally from Trenton

July 25, 2018

Trulife is an international, advanced manufacturing company that makes specialized healthcare products such as prosthetic socks, mastectomy bras and orthopedic garments. Due to the technical nature of the designs and materials used, Trulife products use a blend of advanced manufacturing technology coupled with skilled labour at its sewing factory in the Bay of Quinte.

Prime Location for International Shipping

The manufacturing of Trulife products are distributed between facilities in US, Canada, UK and Ireland – so selecting a site near transportation hubs was important for creating a smooth supply chain. Trulife’s sewing factory is in Trenton, in the Bay of Quinte. Located next to the 401 highway, Quinte West was chosen in the late 1950s for its close access to transportation networks.

Only an 8 hour drive from the warehouse in Jackson, Michigan; the Bay of Quinte factory delivers stock there on a weekly basis. The factory also receives bolt materials from the US, and rings and slides from Europe. Less than a 2 hour drive to Toronto, the international products go through Toronto, which is less than 2 hours away.

Trained Canadians Making Lots of Products, Quickly

Trulife’s mastectomy bras are manufactured in over 30 different styles, in different cup sizes (AA-DDD), and in different colours. Even though Trulife is one of a few sewing manufacturers in Canada, the diverse range of products and their technical nature has kept them growing in the Bay of Quinte location; put simply, manufacturing in Canada is less expensive for Trulife and there is great access to skilled talent.

Trulife recruit talent from local partners here to support local industry like CareerEdge. And with funding and support from two QEDC projects: Quinte Manufacturing Association and the Manufacturing Resource Center (MRC); Trulife has also been able to train their seamstresses further, ensuring a higher degree of job satisfaction and top-shelf work calibre and competencies. The sewing factory is currently staffed with 60 seamstresses (74 total employees), and the bra lines produce around 900-1000 bras a day.

Trulife’s sewing factory in Quinte West are able to produce a large variety of products, very quickly. A location with great logistics, makes it easy to receive and distribute products with ease – as enjoyed by the rest of the local cluster of manufacturers in the Bay of Quinte region.


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