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The Security & Legacy that comes with JBS Food’s Purchase of Vantage Foods

June 16, 2020

Welcoming JBS Food to our Bay of Quinte Community means a whole lot of security amidst  current uncertain times. 

JBS has a 60 year history as a trusted and respected provider of exceptional quality products to customers around the globe. 

Providing food that is produced in a safe, sustainable, and humane manner is a commitment the JBS team takes very seriously, as evidenced by the high standards they follow for ethical stewardship of animals, land, water, and energy.

Welcoming JBS Food to Bay of Quinte Community

Does anything change now that JBS Food has acquired Vantage Foods? In short, the high quality food production legacy – and availability of food during the COVID-10 pandemic continues. But the continuation of Vantage Foods’ legacy is even more secure with JBS Food’s purchase, and so is the provision of food, job and economic security to the Bay of Quinte area.

“JBS acknowledges the accomplishments of Vantage Foods and shares their vision to grow the business in the area long term.”  – David Colwell, President, JBS Canada 

3 Big Ways JBS Brings Security

  1. Food Security: JBS provides a reliable, consistent food source as they maintain the current high level of food security being provided by Vantage Foods and will expand the areas served.
  1. Job Security: Local Bay of Quinte residents continue to find stable, long-term employment with JBS, consistent with the local job security contributed by Vantage. Currently, there are 320 employees at the Belleville facility. JBS will uphold the current Vantage Foods collaboration with the Elevate Plus Program, which provides practical, on-the-job learning, to train and hire new employees, with the goal of maintaining the high staff retention rate.
  1. Economic Security: JBS’s acquisition confirms Vantage’s desire to grow long term in the Bay of Quinte area. Vantage Foods has been good for business and for the community during the last 10 years. Now, JBS will continue in this integral role to build the local economy.

“In my meeting with David Colwell, President of JBS Canada, he shared the impressive company scope, history and values of this strong company. We are thrilled that JBS has acquired Vantage Foods’ in Belleville. This investment demonstrates the confidence JBS has in the facility, workforce and our community.” – Mitch Panciuk, Mayor, City of Belleville

Providing Essential Food Safely During COVID-19 and Beyond

Vantage Foods has found innovative ways to keep workers and customers safe, while contributing to the local and Canadian food supply during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As an essential business, Vantage Foods made early changes to ensure the food supply remained consistently available and to minimize further disruption to Canadian life.

JBS Food will continue to stay exclusive to the Metro group and will grow as Metro grows. Vantage has maintained steady growth year after year, across Ontario and JBS hopes to expand into Quebec. The Belleville location near highway 401 is ideally suited to the movement of goods across Ontario and Quebec.

The seafood line and “case ready” red meat go directly onto the shelf for customer convenience, including pork, beef, lamb, sausage, and ground beef. Custom cuts are provided to Metro and are available at Food Basics, Metro, and Super C (Quebec) grocery stores. 

QEDC and QMA Strengthen Food Manufacturers

The Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) and the Quinte Manufacturers Association (QMA) continue to provide support and resources to local Bay of Quinte food manufacturers and other advanced manufacturing companies.

The Member Needs Help program allows local manufacturers to exchange ideas virtually, which creates a strong manufacturing community who are able to network and share best practices.

“The region has great partners to work with to support your vision for growth – JBS Food sees that and wants in,” confirms Cook.


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