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The Bay of Quinte Builds Strong Business

July 28, 2022

Ontario Truss & Wall has manufactured in the Bay of Quinte region since 1985 and for good reason. The Bay of Quinte region has plenty of business to go around. Ontario Truss & Wall sits on 20 acres of high value land in Foxboro, enabling them to serve a large area from Tweed to the north, Kingston to the east, and Port Hope to the west.

Ontario Truss & Wall provides design, wall panels, engineered wood floor joists, and engineered wood roof trusses to residential, agricultural and commercial builds. They use technology like computer numerical control (CNC) saws and laser systems to assist with accurate design and production. The engineered wood truss, wall, and floor joist systems save time, labour, and costs on construction projects by using these pre-made components in the build. With over 60 employees, Ontario Truss & Walls is a well-established business within the Bay of Quinte’s economic and business ecosystem.

Build Your Business In the Bay of Quinte

While Ontario Truss & Wall is not the only custom truss design company in the area, the company welcomes competitors: “there is so much growth in the area, there is enough business for everyone,” according to Vice President and Controller, Andrew Bryden. Even while servicing over 50 builders in the region, Ontario Truss & Wall is able to do agricultural and commercial builds while maintaining 90% of their business through residential builds. Ontario Truss & Wall truly believes in its capacity to build, not just its products, but the economic and business ecosystem in the region.

Business is doing so well that Ontario Truss & Wall is expanding their building in a twenty five thousand square foot expansion project. It’s through this project that Ontario Truss & Wall will be able to invest in more equipment to help the business keep up with demand. Ontario Truss & Wall is well supported within the community.

Ontario Truss & Wall received assistance from Chris King, Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) Executive Officer, and Mike Hewitt, QEDC Manufacturing Resource Centre Coordinator, to get funding to update their laser system and improve production accuracy. They also received a grant for five hundred thousand dollars in funding from the Eastern Ontario Development Fund to support their facility expansion.

The Bay of Quinte region gives Ontario Truss & Wall the opportunity to work with local businesses like Rona and Home Hardware, large builders, local contractors, and walk-in customers who are building their homes and garages. With access to a skilled workforce, and never lacking in new projects, the Bay of Quinte is a great place for Ontario Truss & Wall to continue to build and grow business.

The Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) provides information, connections, and resources for manufacturers in the Bay of Quinte. QEDC supports the region’s businesses and entrepreneurs as well as the local workforce.


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