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Tech Company Rentify Innovates to Make Renting Safer for Tenants and Landlords in Bay of Quinte

September 9, 2020

Chad Guziewicz started Rentify to help landlords and tenants more easily and safely find each other in the Bay of Quinte region. Chad has experience being a landlord, and knows that it’s a risk when you rent to people.

Chad’s idea for creating Rentify started because he felt tenants needed to be evaluated more easily.

How Rentify Verifies Tenants

Rentify takes the data given to them by renters voluntarily, but doesn’t store it anywhere on their site, so it’s very safe for the renter, as far as privacy is concerned.

How It Works: 

  • Tenants fill in the qualifying questions.
  • Tenants’ data is collected through secure systems, such as the bank.
  • Rentify does not keep any of the data, instead it moves through their system and is summarized.
  • Rentify cross examines the data to see if the renter is qualified for that rental unit.
  • Rentify verifies that the tenant can afford the unit.

The process on Rentify is very similar to being evaluated for buying a house. The tenants show that they can afford the rental unit.

How Rentify Connects Tenants and Landlords

There are many landlords on Rentify, so renters can decide if they want to share their information with multiple landlords at a time. Renters may even have landlords trying to bid on them. It helps reduce the time it takes to find a good place to rent.

As landlords feel more and more comfortable renting, more people will try becoming landlords.

QEDC Helps Companies Like Rentify Succeed in the Bay of Quinte

As Rentify continues to expand and support the rental market in eastern Ontario, the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) is ready to help new and existing businesses.

The new Quinte Technology Association (QTA), supported by the QEDC and partners, is an example of a great resource for technology businesses in the Bay of Quinte.

Visit the QEDC website to learn more about how your business can benefit and prosper in the Bay of Quinte.


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