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Startups Live Here: Moving to the Bay of Quinte

August 27, 2021

When we think of startups, we think of Silicon Valley or New York City. And yes, these types of booming metropolises have become synonymous with startup culture over the years for a reason. But what if we added the Bay of Quinte to that list?

When entrepreneurs Jason LeSage, Chad Guziewicz, Joris Musolini, and Trey Tyler, came up with the idea for, a moving app that matches you with your ideal mover for the right price, they weren’t intending to change the startup game. But perfectly encapsulates why smaller cities could be the perfect place for a startup or growing company.

How Helps You Move

One of’s founders, Jason, is a mover himself. He saw a gap in the moving industry in the Bay of Quinte and spoke to real estate agents and other movers and entrepreneurs about how to fill it, building to the team of 4 that exists today.

Right now, when you want to book movers for your next move, you’ll need to call local companies, give them information about the size and date of your move, wait for quotes, compare and accept. They’ll have to draw up a contract, collect a deposit; in other words, there are a lot of touch points between a customer and their confirmation email. As the UberEats of moving, removes the need for those touchpoints by taking your basic moving information and using an algorithm to calculate cost and match your move with the right moving company for the right price.

The website has launched and will serve the communities of Belleville, Kingston, and Quinte West and beyond.

3 Reasons Startups Should Use the Bay of Quinte Advantage

While an idea like’s could flourish anywhere, it’s specially suited for a smaller town. Here’s 3 reasons why smaller cities are perfect for startups like

  1. Startups help smaller cities grow: was founded in and by eastern Ontarians. Their ideas, determination, and hard work contribute, not only to their business, but to the economic development of the region at large.
  2. Smaller cities are affordable investments: The cost of living is lower, the access to amenities and services are high. Startups in smaller cities can afford bigger spaces and lower fixed costs.
  3. Smaller cities help startups grow, too: Startups in smaller cities make better connections. It’s so much easier to meet people and expand your business network, allowing your great idea to turn into a booming business.

Bonus Reason 4. Startups in smaller cities don’t get lost in the noise of places like Silicon Valley or New York City. Smaller cities allow startups to be more visible. We’re writing about, aren’t we?

Are you a startup? QEDC can help you. Contact our team with any questions about doing business in the Bay of Quinte.


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