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Scenic Bay of Quinte Provides Amazing Advanced Manufacturing Support

November 6, 2018

The Electro Cables Inc. legacy began three generations ago. Still family-owned, their 200 employee workforce maintains a community feel. Chandy Davis, VP of Engineering, would argue that community connection makes the company more competitive and productive. Employee care and retention are high on her priority list, resulting in high productivity and impressive assets.

But don’t take Davis’ word for their success. Electro Cables Inc. won the 2017 Quinte Business Achievement Award (QBAA) for Manufacturing/Industrial Business of the Year and Chandy won Quinte Business Person of the year for 2018.

Why Electro Cables Inc. Loves Bay of Quinte Region Right Back

1. Natural Beauty

Renowned for an abundance of lakes and rivers, plus rich, agricultural land, extensive walking trails and a vast array of outdoor activities provide a healthy, active lifestyle, which benefits local business owners and their staff. A healthy workforce results in improved productivity, reduced downtime and a lower employee turnover rate.

Employees who are “engaged and thriving” are 59 percent less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months. – Gallup

“This area itself is so beautiful with so many amazing places to enjoy boating and fishing; it really helps to retain our workforce in this area.” Chandy Davis, VP Engineering, Electro Cables Inc.

2. Advanced Manufacturing Support

The Bay of Quinte region has a huge advantage in the amount of support available to businesses from the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC). “QEDC is amazing to us,” Davis enthuses, “They’ve been very supportive with helping to access grants and improve our business. We are so lucky to have such amazing support in the Bay of Quinte region.”

One of the ways QEDC provides that advanced manufacturing support, is through their Quinte Manufacturers Association (QMA). The QMA’s primary mission is to help local manufacturing companies in the Greater Bay of Quinte region improve their capabilities, competitiveness and sustainability.

3. Opportunities for Community Involvement

Davis notes that Electro Cables Inc. also appreciates the opportunity to give back to the Bay of Quinte region community. Previously, Davis has served on the Quinte Health Care (QHC) Hospital Advisory Committee. She is currently a member of the Loyalist Business Advisory Committee, QMA Steering Committee, the Trenton Rotary Club and also Davis is a board member for Trenval Business Development Corporation, which provides consulting, financing and training for other local businesses.

“We really love to give back and support locally – sports teams, food banks, our youth, Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation and military families.” – Chandy Davis, VP Engineering, Electro Cables Inc.

4. Workforce Training

Loyalist Training & Knowledge Centre (LTKC), located in Belleville, provides advanced manufacturing support for local talent grooming. Davis appreciates the opportunity to go into the LTKC and let both the staff and students know what we’re looking for in employees and to find out what the students want out of their employers. “We’ve made some great connections through LTKC,” she shares.

5. Key Market Location

It improves the integrity of your product and service, when you have a great location that allows you to reach key markets efficiently. “Our location is excellent – we’re between Montreal and Toronto. We have our own trucks on the road. Every day, we ship trucks to Toronto and to Montreal,” Davis explains. This gives an added advantage for exceeding the customer’s expectations. We also rely on some great local and other carriers for shipments to Canada, the US and other countries.”

Currently Electro Cables Inc. has mainly Canadian customers, however they are looking to expand their global outreach in the future. Davis is confident that their Bay of Quinte location is ideal for expanding their international shipping.

6. Diverse Customer Base

Electro Cables Inc. thrives on diversity. With over 4500 finished wire and cable manufactured parts in their computer system, they support a wide variety of industries. They have over 9 different processes set up in their advanced manufacturing plants. Although not every finished cable type goes through all nine processes, the setup is built for versatility of production lines and every cable is thoroughly tested at each stage of production.

What Electro Cables is doing clearly works. In a recent management review, their Quality Management System had incredible statistics to support their mission of top quality products and to provide the best service in their industry.

The Bay of Quinte region helps to ensure Electro Cables’ continued success because of the many resources that are readily available in the Bay of Quinte area. One of the most important resources besides the QEDC support is the central location for efficient shipping and receiving to their diverse customer base.

For more information about advanced manufacturing support for your business, contact QEDC.


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