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Nesda Technologies: 25 Years of Tech Innovation in the Bay of Quinte

November 3, 2020

Established in 1995, in Belleville Ontario, Nesda started with four employees and has just celebrated their 25th anniversary in August. They have now increased to 17 employees, most of whom have been with the company well in excess of ten years, and many in excess of twenty. 

Secure Business Solutions in the Bay of Quinte Area

One of the big concerns right now in the tech world is ransomware. A few local businesses have been attacked, some ransomed for up to a quarter of a million dollars. When those companies came to Nesda for help, the team was able to restore their systems for a fraction of that price. Nesda also uses proactive security protection, which they install for any business they work with.

Here are three ways Nesda improves business security: 

  • Data centres: Nesda manages and runs two data centres inside Canada. They manage secure data for several government agencies and programs. Nesda can also accommodate local companies who want to store their data easily and effectively, and make sure it’s secured in Canada.
  • Web hosting: Nesda runs web hosting services for themselves and many other local companies. Rather than clients having to build a data centre and sublet their space from Microsoft, they can sublet directly from Nesda. 
  • Remote backup: Nesda offers remote backup services, for secure data storage and recovery.

Business Services in the Bay of Quinte Area

Finding tech talent is not always easy, but Nesda has been able to find great people in the Bay of Quinte area who are dedicated long term employees and committed to the company’s values and vision.

Nesda acknowledges that many companies have a hard time finding candidates with such specific skills. They’ve been lucky to find people with very specialized knowledge that they can train and expand on. Working very closely with Loyalist College on training, Nesda has helped build new courses and tech seminars that target employees training for careers in the tech industry. They often hire local graduates from Loyalist or St. Lawrence Colleges.

One of the main attractions for new employees is the Bay of Quinte lifestyle. The cost of living is significantly lower than Toronto and other major centres. Lower housing prices, shorter commutes and less pollution are very big job perks. The beautiful scenery and outdoor lifestyle help keep the Nesda team healthy and productive.

Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) provides support for Nesda Technologies Ltd. and other business services companies in the Bay of Quinte region. QEDC is one of the top performing Canadian economic development groups, implementing strategies to encourage growth, diversification and investment from companies who complement existing clusters.


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