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Manufacturing Companies Find Palletizing Solutions in the Bay of Quinte

January 27, 2023

The Bay of Quinte region is a strong contributor to the manufacturing sector and one of the many reasons for that is because of the innovations created by Quinte-area companies. Hannafin Automation and Industrial Controls provides automation and robotics solutions to manufacturing facilities in the Bay of Quinte region. For the past 10 years, Hannafin has helped manufacturing companies to reduce waste, improve reliability, and increase efficiency.

Hannafin’s Newest Manufacturing Solution

Recently, Hannafin introduced a new product, a palletizer. We know that the concept of a palletizer is not new, but here’s what’s new about the Hannafin palletizer:

Like other palletizers, this collaborative robot takes cartons or cases and stacks them to be shipped. Hannafin has collected the best components of palletizers to create a new and innovative tool for manufacturers.

The Hannafin palletizer features include:

PLUG AND PLAY: requiring only 110 volts AC and pneumatics, and because Hannafin conducts testing at their facilities, users need to only plug in their palletizer and are ready to go.

SAFETY: unlike other palletizers, which require a cage, operators can be around the machine when it is in use.
PHSR: pre-health safety review and all fields inspected by local Ontario inspection agencies are already included, ensuring users can plug in their palletizer and start using right away.

MOBILE AND CUSTOMIZABLE: the palletizer can be produced in a variety of sizes, making it easily mobile with a small footprint. Hannafin can also customize the robotic arm tool, with up to 8 configurations at a time.

SPEED TO USE: the Hannafin palletizer can be in your facility in 9 weeks and ready for use 10 weeks from purchase whereas other products can take a year.

Companies in the Bay of Quinte are already using the Hannafin palletizer, including custom packaging companies and food manufacturers.

The Bay of Quinte Solution

When manufacturers choose to base operations in the Bay of Quinte, they get access to innovative companies like Hannafin. Skilled workers and a community that supports the sector thrive in the region as well, as evidenced by Hannafin’s recent open house of their new facilities. Hannafin has been enabled to grow and flourish in the Bay of Quinte. The Hannafin palletizer is one of many companies innovating and pushing the region forward.

The Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) provides information, connections, and resources for manufacturers in the Bay of Quinte. QEDC supports the region’s businesses and entrepreneurs as well as the local workforce.


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