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How to Inspire Your Workers to Engage with Safety Training

December 10, 2020

SafeStart is a local Bay of Quinte region company on a mission to give employers a concrete way to put their employees’ safety first. SafeStart provides safety awareness and skills training to employees to reduce injuries both on and off the job.

If you ask your employees what’s really important in their lives, they will likely give you an answer of family, health, and free time. Safety training for the workplace is essential, but keeping your staff safe off the job can be even more important.

When you show your employees that you want them to come back to work after the weekend just as safely as they arrived Friday morning, that inspires trust and confidence. Employees will trust that you care about them and feel confident that you are making decisions that will keep them safe.

50% Reduction in Injuries in First Year

“Our clients typically experience a 50% reduction in injuries in the first year,” shares Barb Tait, CEO and Co-Owner of SafeStart. “We sell safety training that saves lives.”

SafeStart sells workplace safety awareness and skills training to companies in oil and gas, utilities, mining, manufacturing, food processing and more. Clients include global companies like Heineken and Campbell Soup, and many of the larger employers in and around the Bay of Quinte region.

People often think of workplaces such as mines as very dangerous, but the truth is that you are 4 times more likely to suffer a disabling injury off the job and 15 times more likely to die accidentally off the job than on the job!

“It’s the human factors – like rushing and fatigue – that are dangerous,” explains Tait. Keeping your eyes and mind on your task will protect you at work, but also on the road, or at home when you’re on a ladder cleaning out the gutters on your roof.

“SafeStart’s training goes beyond the workplace and far exceeds compliance”, notes Tait. “You can go from a good safety record to a great and even world class safety record with us.” 

CEO’s Inspire workers with SafeStart Awareness and Training

You care about the safety of your employees, but how can you really show that in a way that genuinely gets the message across?

“Many employees dislike the idea of safety training. No one is excited about it, but when employees attend our classes and we’re talking about your family and how to stay safe at the cottage, you realize we care about you 24/7,” says Tait. 

“This is where our passion started and we’ve now been dedicated to the SafeStart training program for over 10 years. The training is exclusively our product – we’re not a distributor. We’re delivering our own programs.”  Consultants deliver a complete program, including  employee and leadership training.

Electrolab Ltd., which operates as SafeStart, was established in 1975 in Belleville. SafeStart was launched in 1999 and by 2009 the company was dedicated exclusively to the SafeStart program. With 100 employees and consultants and a brand new building, the company is still going strong. 

SafeStart moved to their new location on College Street in Belleville in 2016. Designed by Belleville company, Bel-Con Design-Builders, the new award-winning 28,000 square foot facility accommodates the growing company and the need for increased space. 

SafeStart is not just about compliance, it’s about ensuring that your staff are safe and healthy to be at work and to enjoy life. Unlike the programs which cover only the rules and procedures, SafeStart provides awareness and training about human factors in the field. These are the things that can prevent you from keeping focus and result in an accident or injury, both on the job and off.

Although SafeStart is delivered through the workplace, because that is where they have access to workers and relationships with clients, the training goes far beyond the workplace. “It’s about caring for your people 24/7,” says Tait.         

And when employees know that you care about them as people and not just as a means to make a profit, they will be more engaged in safety training. You will also notice higher engagement on the job, increased job satisfaction, fewer sick days, and strong employee loyalty to your organization.

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