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How Bay of Quinte Supports Packaging Manufacturers like Premier Tech

October 9, 2018

With operations worldwide, Premier Tech’s plant in Bay of Quinte is a packaging manufacturer – and innovator – of horticulture and agriculture products. Previously known as Agrium Advanced Technologies, the company was acquired by Premier Tech 2015, to become a critical part of their parent company’s supply chain.

1. Incredible Transportation Networks

As an agricultural contract packager (or co-packer), Premier Tech packages liquid nutrients like fertilizers and weed killers for third party customers – packaging popular brands like WipeOut and WeedOut Ultra. Premier Tech’s clients supply the raw materials and packaging, which are then packaged by Premier Tech and shipped accordingly.

As a co-packaging company, the ability to receive supplies and move products easily is important to operating a successful business. For Premier Tech, being on the 401 corridor has allowed for quick and convenient product movement, creating an efficient supply chain. Since their largest customer base is in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), followed by Montreal, being near both regions have made it easy to receive supplies from clients.

Premier Tech also contract local carriers to distribute their products. The Bay of Quinte’s central location has given rise to many transport companies in the region, making it easy for manufacturers to form local partnerships and move their goods. Distributing out of Brantford, Premier Tech ship throughout Canada, and even to the US. They partner with Cooney Transportation for Canadian and US shipments, and others when distributing locally.

2. A Region That Supports Expansion

While food co-packers are common, there are less than ten agricultural co-packers in Canada. Located in a heavy agricultural area, Premier Tech’s specialized services have made them popular in the region. Making Premier Tech even more attractive are their R&D projects, where they collaborate with other companies in the region to develop new systems for green energy, and medical cannabis.

Currently, Premier Tech have two facilities in Brighton Industrial Park, with each facility well over an acre in size. But to increase their production capacities, Premier Tech will likely need to upgrade the size of their current facility. With help from Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC), Premier Tech are exploring opportunities for funding an expansion. And QEDC’s push for build-ready industrial sites, Premier Tech know there’s also space for them to expand their facility.

3. Great Labour Force

Premier Tech currently employs around 20-25 full-time, local employees, who have been with the company for over 30 years. Employees maintain their skills through affordable development seminars and training sessions funded by QEDC.  With help from QEDC, Premier Tech applied for training rebates, and even received subsidies of 45% for their onsite training programs.

During busy periods, Premier Tech draws upon the strong manufacturing workforce in the region. Loyalist College programs promote the manufacturing industry and train skilled workers in the region. Even when Premier Tech have needed to double their workforce, recruiting an additional 30 contractors was done with relative ease through local temp agencies, like IS2.

To learn more about opportunities in agriculture and manufacturing in the region, email Chris King at [email protected], or call 1-866-961-7990.


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