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How Advanced Manufacturing Thrives in the Bay of Quinte Region

August 3, 2021

Clients in the military, medical, and aerospace industries bring their manufacturing problems to Donmac Precision Machining Inc. for innovative solutions. Donmac designs and assembles the parts that are the solutions, often building their own equipment to create unique assemblies .

Glenn and Joan Donaldson started Donmac just over 30 years ago and are now joined by their son, Travis Donaldson. Travis Donaldson, trained in the electrical trade and electrical power generation, organized the general contracting of the new 12,000 square foot facility on family-owned land.

Donmac Precision Machining Inc. specializes in mission critical parts, meaning that if a part fails, someone’s life could be on the line. To achieve this vital undertaking, every employee is committed to quality. The machinist, operators and quality control team all have the same quality goals and work together to achieve them. Part of working at Donamc is learning how to use precision measurement equipment which could include micrometers or microscopes. 

5 Reasons for Donmac’s Success in the Bay of Quinte region

Providing Quality Products to Customers

Donmac has an entire Quality Control Lab, dedicated to measuring finished parts with specialized equipment including  microscopes, coordinate measurement machines and vision inspection systems to ensure they meet the customer’s exact specifications. Travis Donaldson notes, “We create ways to manufacture stuff that’s not easy to work with, which means that clients often bring us work that no one else wants to take.” 

Healthy Workplace Culture

Belleville is home for the Donaldson family and their staff. “We love all the time we are able to spend outdoors, hiking and fishing on weekends. Our staff love it too. They appreciate the quality of life we have here in the Bay of Quinte region,” shares Donaldson. Happy staff are loyal staff. Donmac strives to continuously improve their workplace culture showing their employees that they are valued members of the team. Hiring people who share those values makes it a much more enjoyable place to work.

Educational Training Partners

Loyalist College in Belleville, has provided several mechanical and technical courses to get new hires and existing staff the skills they need. Donaldson says, “Loyalist has even arranged night courses and brought in special instructors to fast track training. They help us transition to practical implementation of the skills in our shop. Loyalist also runs a specialized program that creates a workforce with the skills we need at Donmac. We get a lot of resumes from graduates of the college.”

Central Shipping Location

The Belleville location on highway 401, the major transportation artery between Toronto and Montreal, provides an ideal shipping location for Donmac. “We’re in the middle of our two biggest suppliers,” explains Donaldson. “Anything we get goes in either direction. We send it out for secondary processes like heat treating or plating . It then comes back to us, we put it through an assembly process and then ship it out to our final end user.”

Supportive Community Partnerships

The Quinte Business Development Centre (QBDC) provides support for advanced manufacturing through several organizations, all located in the same building, which makes it easy to access resources and receive assistance from multiple organizations. 

“At Donamac,” says Donaldson, “We do all our stuff through Mike Hewitt, Coordinator of the Manufacturing Resource Centre. We’re received lots of great funding through Loyalist, QEDC and the MRC to help us with an existing high profile customer. Capitalizing on the funding they offered, we were able to exceed our customer’s expectations.”


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