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Hannafin Automation and Universal Robots Team Up For Success

January 13, 2020

Hannafin Automation & Industrial Controls (HAIC) designs industrial automation controls and software solutions. Located in Belleville, HAIC was started by Adam Hannafin in 2013 to meet the demand for industrial automation implementation and controls support in the region. 

There is a significant cluster of world class manufacturers in the Bay of Quinte region, and now, six years later, Adam employs 11 people who help him serve and support his clients in the area.

The Hannafin team works on site, inspecting manufacturing machinery and helping technical staff design new lines and plan for upgrade integration. 

In 2019, to offer even more state-of-the-art industry support to his clients, Adam teamed up with Universal Robots. The partner company has collaborative robots to automate and streamline manufacturing processes that are not high speed, repetitive and may require close operator robotic interface. 

With Hannafin’s help, these robots are integrated into manufacturing production departments in eastern Ontario, making clients’ processes more efficient.

Hannafin Automation Facilitates Lean Manufacturing With Robots 

Hannafin’s on-site approach to integrating new technology, such as robots, into manufacturing plants gives clients flexibility, which is essential to lean manufacturing. 

Hannafin brings the robots onto the plant floor and provides clients applications that integrate directly with their own systems. Hannafin’s team offers experienced programmers and power systems designers for robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics. Some of the services include testing and preparing equipment, troubleshooting, designing, and modifying programmable logic controller (PLC) code. 

Robots on the line are not a new concept: but the way these collaborative robots work IS new to manufacturing. 

  1. Universal Robots are flexible enough that they can do a task for two weeks and then be redeployed into another section of the manufacturing plant to perform another task. 
  2. Manufacturers can therefore buy one robot and use it for multiple tasks in the plant, getting the most out of their investment in a robot. 
  3. Hannafin ensures that the robot is integrated completely into the manufacturing companies’ systems. 
  4. When there’s a new job for the robot, Hannafin helps with the new deployment wherever it may be on the plant floor. 
  5. The robot is always working, so there is no lost or wasted time, making his clients’ plants more lean.
  6. Collaborative robots don’t need as much space to work. They have safety devices that will stop them automatically if someone or something enters their zone and restarts once the area is clear again.. 
  7. The Universal Robots reduce the need for caging and allow for better interfaces to safety components and operations. 

“You can’t just plug in a robot and go. You need the robot to collaborate, which means work within the safety codes and standards that must be adhered to.” – Adam Hannafin

  • Hannafin helps technical staff ensure the robot doesn’t drop the load, or execute the task too slowly or quickly, for example. 

Robots work within a virtual box, and must be integrated properly into the manufacturing plant’s floor, which is another delivery component of Hannafin’s services. The robot needs its own space so that it doesn’t run into anything or anyone.

QEDC Helps Hannafin Automation Expand in Belleville

The QEDC helps businesses make connections and find the support services required to start operating in the Bay of Quinte. Furthermore, QEDC works to attract investment from companies who will support local supply chain to keep Bay of Quinte companies globally competitive.

Manufacturers become stronger in the marketplace with service providers like Hannafin Automation’s robotics and automation services.

As Hannafin Automation continues to expand and service more companies in eastern Ontario, the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) is there ready to help.

“Hannafin Automation completely rebuilt our machine. It is now one of the best running machines we have. I was very impressed with the team. They were very helpful and took the time to explain how the changes would affect the operation of the machine.” – Ron Robinson from Deca Cables 

Contact the QEDC to learn more about how your business can prosper in the Bay of Quinte.

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