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Expanding Markets, Supply and Demand in the Bay of Quinte

July 4, 2019

The Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) supports businesses in food processing, advanced manufacturing, logistics and other sectors to ultimately fuel economic prosperity and diversity. 

Whether developed or niche, established or new, the Bay of Quinte region is highly advantageous for expanding markets, supply and demand—and the QEDC exists to help all businesses succeed.

Utilizing resources provided by the QEDC, Barn Owl Malt is a perfect example of how passionate businesses can cultivate markets where none existed before.

Barn Owl Malt has successfully leveraged the Bay of Quinte’s strategic location to facilitate supply and demand while simultaneously bolstering the local economy via partnerships and sustainability efforts. It’s become living proof that new entrants to the community can quickly make a lasting, hyperlocal impact.

Barn Owl Malt Providing Ingredient Traceability for Local Brewers

As a family-owned operation located in a rural part of Belleville, Devin Huffman, his wife Leslie and his parents co-founded Barn Owl Malt to fill a supply gap. 

Brewers typically import malt products from outside Ontario, but by providing a home-grown source, Barn Owl Malt has made it possible for both beer makers and beer drinkers to connect with local ingredients.

“Using local ingredients is very important to the craft beer story,” says Devin. “Barn Owl Malt helps brewers add an Ontario origin to their brews.”

Even though hops are currently a more popular go-to flavour ingredient for craft brewers, Barn Owl Malt is dedicated to growing awareness of the subtle, nuanced flavours of malt as a star component of craft brewing. The business’s strategic location in the Bay of Quinte is a definite asset for making this a reality.

With access to Ontario’s Highway 401 and numerous shipping opportunities, Barn Owl Malt leverages the Bay of Quinte’s strong logistics infrastructure to serve businesses across Ontario. 

Deeply committed to giving back to the local economy, Barn Owl Malt also exemplifies how companies in the Bay of Quinte region are quick to help one another grow—thanks to the QEDC.

The QEDC & Partners Help Small Businesses Make Connections and Gain Exposure

As Barn Owl Malt continues to grow, QEDC is there to help. As the company looks to hire more local talent and reach new clients across Ontario, the QEDC’s assistance is invaluable to Barn Owl Malt’s success.

“The QEDC has helped us start important conversations with local players. It’s also supported Barn Owl Malt through promotion and marketing opportunities,” says Devin.

Additionally, QEDC partner Trenval helped Barn Owl Malt in its business planning phase. Trenval introduced Barn Owl Malt to further resources provided by the QEDC, again illustrating a collaborative effort within the Bay of Quinte to help new businesses succeed.

Contact the QEDC and Gain Access to Resources for Business Success

The QEDC team and its well-connected support networks are ready to help new and existing businesses in the Bay of Quinte region realize their goals.

When expanding supply chains, making important connections, hiring talent or gaining access to marketing opportunities, businesses in a variety of different sectors can benefit from the resources provided by the QEDC. Contact our office or visit our website to learn more about how your business can benefit and prosper in the Bay of Quinte.


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