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CpK is Solving Pandemic Problems in the Bay of Quinte Region

December 1, 2020

New Product to Fight COVID-19  

In a groundbreaking project led through their Belleville Operations, CpK has developed a new product which kills coronavirus within one hour.

At the request of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), local company, CpK, has created a proprietary custom anti-viral additive for their plastic automotive parts, which will make vehicle interiors safer for ride sharing and multi-person use.

The team has formulated an additive package that can be incorporated into several existing polymer formulations that has the ability to kill SARS-CoV-2 within one hour.

Greg Farrar “The team has formulated an additive package that can be incorporated into several existing polymer formulations that has the ability to kill SARS-CoV-2 within one hour.” — Greg Farrar, Head of R&D, Belleville Operations, CpK Interior Products

Not only does their patent pending formula provide protection from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, but it is also created using safe commercially available materials. This product will pose no risk to drivers or passengers.

Innovation Happens in the Bay of Quinte 

CpK Interior Products in Belleville manufactures automotive parts including dashboards, consoles, and doors at their plastics compound facility in Corbyville. Head of R&D, Greg Farrar notes, “Most of our competitors buy their plastics from a compounding facility, but we make our own. To increase automobile safety from a virus standpoint, we looked at ways we could incorporate the solution into the product itself.”

Using this blending and compounding process at their plastics facility in Corbyville, The Belleville R&D team engineered an anti-viral additive that is molded right into the plastic. It’s not a coating that can wear off, which means this CpK product will provide anti-viral protection throughout the entire lifetime of that automotive part.

3 Reasons Why CpK Finds Bay of Quinte Practical and Beautiful  

CpK Interior Products Inc. appreciates their location in the Bay of Quinte region. It has everything they need to do their jobs well and enjoy their lives fully

1.Highly Skilled Workforce Talent with Healthy Work Life Balance

Higher paying jobs at CpK provide exciting career opportunities for members of the highly educated workforce in the Bay of Quinte region. CpK’s 19 Belleville team members are mainly PhDs and Engineers.

Being one of the region’s largest R&D facilities, attracts talented people with the necessary advanced degrees to CpK. All employees have attended an Ontario post secondary institution, such as Queen’s University and The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Ontario Tech University).

CpK’s employees are able to do their best work, while having fun and being creative. With the area’s lower operating costs, CpK has been able to invest over $2M in in lab equipment and facility upgrades for our R&D team. We have such great talent and they get to innovate here and make amazing things.

Greg Farrar Head of R&D, Belleville Operations, CpK Interior Products

Both management and team members love the Bay of Quinte lifestyle. Head of R&D, Greg Farrar grew up here and still has family close by. He appreciates being able to maintain those connections in his downtime without a long drive.

The CpK team is able to achieve their career goals, while living in beautiful eastern Ontario with nearby access to lakes and rivers, parks and trails, and local shopping with farmer’s markets and small businesses. In the Bay of Quinte region, they can afford much larger homes with lots of backyard space for kids and pets. Plus a garage to store all the big kid toys

2. Convenient Shipping Access and Competitive Commercial Land Prices

CpK’s primary customer is located in Port Hope, less than one hour away. With easy access to the 400 series highways, and close proximity to their market, products and supplies can be quickly shipped and received.

CpK purchases raw materials and other supplies as locally as possible to maximize existing supply chain value. To create products for one plasticizer company, CpK was purchasing supplies for that product from the USA. Recently, they were able to find a new supplier and now use Canadian sources to get the necessary materials. CpK continually looks for Canadian sources to supply their raw materials.

Shortly after the Belleville plant began operations, it was identified as a strategic location to supply a variety of automotive parts to other facilities in Ontario. Because of the incredible value of this location, CpK was able to continue operating in the region, despite the economic downturn of 2007 – 2008.

With the lower cost of commercial land and many available parcels that are shovel-ready, the Bay of Quinte region provides a cost-effective location for manufacturing companies. CpK has a large 53,800 square foot facility, located in Belleville, Ontario, which has been in operation for 17 years.

3. Expert Economic Development Support and Resources

CpK mentors Co-Op students from the Loyalist College program. The Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre (LTKC) provides leadership training which many of the R&D team members are participating in. 

Located in the Quinte Business Development Centre, with the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) and many other partners, LTKC often put applications together to help local companies get the benefit of free training of their incumbent workers and upskill local talent. The Elevate Plus program helps local talent get the skills they need to start a long term career with local companies who are looking to hire.

Although the CpK head office is located in Port Hope, all of the R&D for FCA Canada happened at their plant in Corbyville, through their Belleville Operations.

Farrar says CpK’s next steps include, “applications and large scale up, producing the product on a larger scale. We’re doing 100s of pounds but we have the ability to do 1000s of pounds, which is part of our validation plan moving forward. Next steps are to validate the anti-viral efficacy claims through Health Canada and the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. Then we’ll be looking at a marketing strategy so the product is not restricted to just FCA.”

The Bay of Quinte region’s Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) provides resources and connections to local advanced manufacturers and those who are interested in relocating operations to the area. QEDC works closely with the Quinte Manufacturers Association (QMA), whose mission is to improve the capabilities, competitiveness and sustainability of local manufacturers. The Manufacturing Resource Centre provides support to the many community partners in the Bay of Quinte manufacturing hub.


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