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Bay of Quinte Region: The Perfect Location for the Redpath Sugar Manufacturing Plant

June 5, 2019

Redpath Sugar, Canada’s longest-running food brand, chose Belleville, Ontario, in the Bay of Quinte region, for its food product manufacturing plant. Conveniently located near both the Redpath Sugar refinery in Toronto and border crossings to the food distribution centres in the United States, the Belleville plant is an integral part of the Redpath Sugar supply chain.

Proximity to Supply Chain Ideal in Belleville

Proximity to Supply Chain Ideal in Belleville

The Redpath Sugar Ltd. plant in Belleville takes sugar products from the Toronto refinery and converts them into food products, such as drink crystals, iced tea, or hot chocolate. In this way, Redpath (owned by parent company ASR Group) is a co-manufacturer of food products with large consumer package companies.  

According to General Manager, Phil Guglielmi, “Belleville provides the perfect location along the 401 corridor for efficient shipment of bulk sugar from the refinery in Toronto, but it also provides easy trucking routes to the United States, where our distribution centres are located.”

Local warehouse services are conveniently accessible to Redpath, which uses both the All-Can Pro Logistics facility and the Vision Transportation warehouse in Belleville. In addition, a local Bay of Quinte trucking company exclusively hauls the sugar from Toronto to Belleville. The Bay of Quinte region has thus effectively provided key resources for Redpath Sugar Ltd. and its supply chain.

Skilled Manufacturing Workforce in the Bay of Quinte

The Redpath Sugar plant in Belleville employs over 90 skilled workers in the region directly, and contracts local experts for maintenance and transportation. Guglielmi can attest to the availability of the workforce in the Bay of Quinte:

“We’ve been able to easily recruit from the region using local Bay of Quinte agencies. We’ve also had many discussions with Loyalist College, which is more than willing to help us develop a skilled workforce.”

The local agencies in the Bay of Quinte also assist with seasonal temporary employment at the plant when demand increases. When Redpath expanded its workforce, it was able to attract talent to the area from nearby surrounding regions, such as Toronto.

QEDC Supports Local Businesses in the Bay of Quinte

While the Bay of Quinte region offers a strong skilled workforce and local services, as well as expertise to support manufacturing efforts in the region, the QEDC (Quinte Economic Development Commission) is also an invaluable resource to businesses.

The QEDC helps businesses moving to the region, diversifying, or expanding, with a proven track record of supporting, developing, and attracting manufacturing and technology. Redpath Sugar is no different. Guglielmi takes comfort in knowing Redpath has QEDC’s support: “We have talked to the QEDC on many occasions, and we know they are always there to help.”

For more information on how the QEDC can support your business in the Bay of Quinte, you can find them online.  


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