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Bay of Quinte Business Leaders Featured in Canadian Business Podcast

January 25, 2022

The Company Growth Podcast was started by eastern Ontario business and Quinte Economic Development’s content partner Tangible Words, right at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, to share inspirational stories of companies who faced tough odds and perilous struggles and not only kept their companies afloat but went on to experience massive growth and success.

This Canadian business podcast features exceptional executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs from all over North America as guests. In two seasons the podcast has already featured 6 guests from the Bay of Quinte region. Read the descriptions of each episode to learn what each inspiring executive, CEO or entrepreneur found in the Bay of Quinte region that helped their business grow.

Chad Guziewicz Runs Two Amazing Businesses in Quinte
It’s a challenge to start one successful business, never mind two. But that’s exactly what Chad Guziewicz from the Bay of Quinte region has done. A key part of Chad’s business philosophy is to not be afraid of change. And he clearly found a home for that philosophy in the Bay of Quinte region, founding two successful businesses from his Quinte home port.

Listen to the episode here: Dreams vs. Details – The Company Growth Podcast

Alarm Systems Keeps the Bay Safe – and Beyond
Alarm Systems is one of the largest privately owned security companies in eastern Ontario, and its headquarters is located in the Bay of Quinte region. Listen to Kristin describe how Alarm Systems initially had to scramble to meet the massive security demand that emerged at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and how that demand led to huge growth for the company in the Bay of Quinte.

Listen to the episode here: Alarm Systems Keeps Its Cool When the World Goes Sideways The Company Growth Podcast

Beclawat Manufacturing Helps Employees Feel at Home in Quinte
Beclawat Manufacturing makes windows and doors for the marine, transit, rail and defence industries all over North America. When the pandemic hit, Beclawat went above and beyond to keep its staff safe, and Cindy Wilson describes Beclawat’s success on the Company Growth Podcast. She also tells a personal story of her struggle to find the career that was right for her – until she found a home in the Bay of Quinte region at Beclawat.

Listen to the episode here: Finding an Amazing Home in Human Resources – The Company Growth Podcast

I.T. Technology Keeps the Bay of Quinte Connected
Since 1995 Nesda Technologies has been providing I.T. support to businesses and organizations all over North America and has been doing so from its base in the Bay of Quinte. In this particular episode of the podcast, Delilah reveals how she approaches the job interview as an employer and how the Bay of Quinte has helped Nesda Technologies thrive.

Listen to the episode here: How to Hire the Right Person – The Company Growth Podcast

Bringing Ancient Dinosaurs to Life Every Day
Research Casting International’s business model has been around since the Jurassic – its business model is making models of dinosaurs. Research Casting makes models and replicas of dinosaur fossils and other specimens mainly for the use of museums. On his episode of the Company Growth Podcast, Matt Fair talks about how he’s always learning something new about business and how the ability to keep learning keeps his business successful.

Listen to the episode here: If You Need a Life-Size Dinosaur Model, Talk to Matt Fair – The Company Growth Podcast

The Manufacturing Backbone of the Nation, Down by the Bay
Electro Cables Inc. makes cables of all kinds for all kinds of uses and finds its home in the Bay of Quinte region. Guest Chandy Davis tells her story of pandemic struggle and the rising fortunes of Electro Cables as the company shifted and adapted successfully to the massive change brought on by the worldwide pandemic crisis.

Listen to the episode here: Electro Cables Inc. Finds the Path to Post-Pandemic Prosperity The Company Growth Podcast

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