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Alarm Systems: Leading-Edge Security for Bay of Quinte Businesses

February 22, 2021

Alarm Systems, locally owned and operated in Belleville since 1972, provides Bay of Quinte businesses with safety and security. With the acquisition of Falcon Security (Brockville) in 2007, Alarm Systems became one of the largest privately owned security solutions providers in eastern Ontario. Today Alarm Systems has about 55 employees. The head office remains in Belleville, with a satellite location in Brockville.

As a member of Canadian Alarm & Security Association (CANASA), Alarm Systems offers total home or business security. They are listed with Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC). Alarm Systems’ Central Monitoring Station was granted Five Diamond Certification by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), now known as The Monitoring Association (TMA), a prestigious award recognizing their commitment to strict quality standards. Five Diamond companies must demonstrate an exceptionally high degree of responsibility to their local community and their customers through the investment of time, money and commitment to 100% quality operator training.

Screening for COVID-19 with Body Temperature Detection Solutions

Alarm Systems is proud of their innovations in body temperature detection technology and is very excited about the opportunity to implement it in the fight against COVID-19.

Body temperature detection and thermal imaging technology have been around for a long time. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Alarm Systems was able to quickly partner with an existing supplier along with a new supplier to hit the ground running. Its Technology Research & Innovation Group (TRIG) began research to help keep people safe in our communities.

Alarm Systems is currently working with three different solutions and is researching more, from the simplest self-installed technology to a more complicated and integrated solution with reporting and the ability to deny access if an elevated temperature is recorded. Deployed to date in manufacturing, municipal office, retail, service and not-for-profit, body temperature detection has generated a tonne of interest. Airports are already buying this body temperature detection technology.

Creating safer communities gives our organization such purpose! I am grateful each day for the opportunity to work in such an important and exciting industry ~ protecting people, promoting life safety and helping to make our communities safer places to live, work and play.

Kristin Crowe President, Alarm Systems

For example, in a manufacturing environment, body surface temperature detection technology is used to take the body temperature of all people inside your facility (employees and visitors). If an elevated temperature is detected, the person is directed to a second protocol, such as a quarantine area.

Alarm Systems works locally, provincially, and across the country with clients in the Department of National Defence, public safety, police, municipalities, fire departments, emergency services, education at all levels and boards, manufacturing, retail, and health care.

Leading-Edge Commercial Security Solutions

From small retail businesses to large scale enterprises, Alarm Systems can provide a custom security package to suit any need. Clients are led through a comprehensive assessment, consultation and design process. Experienced professionals install the system efficiently and hassle-free. Training is provided for the client and their team. Alarm Systems provides 24/7 service, 365 days per year with its award-winning Central Monitoring Station.

Alarm Systems provides security solutions for businesses across industries including agriculture, education, municipal, manufacturing, and retail. Their services include all aspects of commercial security including intrusion detection, video surveillance, fire protection, and inspection, touchless access control and management, and critical alarm monitoring. Experienced security consultants work with you to understand your business and create a custom solution.

Partnerships with QEDC, QMA and QTA Help Keep Bay of Quinte Safe

With over 25 years of experience in SME business management, Alarm Systems President Kristin Crowe appreciates the valuable assistance they’ve received from the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC). “The QEDC is always looking to attract new business and new talent to our region, not just Belleville, the entire region.”

QEDC works very closely with the Quinte Manufacturers Association (QMA), which has been very successful at bringing manufacturers together, getting the word out about opportunities, and attracting new businesses and talent to the area.

“The Quinte Technology Association (QTA) was modeled after the QMA and Chris King, CEO of QEDC was instrumental in bringing that together and carrying it forward,” Crowe explains, “So we now have a supportive network of technology companies in the Bay of Quinte area. He’s just been that guy who is always there, he doesn’t need to be centre and forefront but is always behind the scenes connecting people and making things happen for you.”

Recruiting can be difficult so she was surprised to learn that QEDC was able to help with hiring an executive. “Chris King at the QEDC and Karen Poste at the Belleville EDO have fabulous tools and resources at their fingertips,” Kristin shares. “They came to the table and said we can help you if you need an executive – I had no idea they have so many recruiting tools available to businesses in our community.”

Crowe volunteers for several local organizations and is passionate about giving back to the Bay of Quinte area. Alarm Systems chooses to re-invest in our communities because of our diverse customer base, central location, and extensive economic development support.


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