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3 Reasons Greer Galloway is Located in the Bay of Quinte Region

June 14, 2021

The Belleville office of Greer Galloway provides convenient access to the 400 series highways, as well as multiple scenic routes for engineers to visit clients on site. With several local post secondary institutions to hire from and a loyal, talented local workforce plus strong community support, Belleville is an ideal location for their Bay of Quinte Region operations.

From humble beginnings as a small engineering company Greer Galloway has grown into a busy mid-sized firm with locations in Peterborough, Kingston and Belleville. Their client list includes multiple government agencies and departments at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, as well as private land developers, institutions and local industry.

Why Greer Galloway Appreciates the Bay of Quinte Region

There are many reasons that make the Bay of Quinte region an ideal choice to locate a business. Here are just three of those many perks.

Central Location and Access to Transportation

From their Belleville location, Greer Galloway team members can head east, west, or north to access customer locations all across the province. “We tend to go to them,” Blakey explains, “So it’s good we can just get right on the 401 highway. The 400 series of highways is great if you have to get somewhere, but there are also more scenic routes you can take which are more interesting to drive. We have lots of options to get where we need to be.”

Loyal, Highly Skilled Local Workforce

With 30 employees at their Belleville location, Greer Galloway often hires seasonal staff, field staff and summer students. “Our preference is to hire local staff. When people have grown up here, they’re loyal to the area and more likely to stay here. We’ve hired many graduates from St. Lawrence College, Loyalist College, Trent University, and Queen’s University, which are all within a short drive of Belleville.”

Community Support

Greer Galloway appreciates the support they receive from local municipalities. “We’re treated very well and often invited to bid on projects,” shares Blakey. They also appreciate the support from the Quinte Economic Development Commission, which provides local businesses with support in strategic planning, financing, training, site selection and more to help them flourish in the Bay of Quinte region.

Capital Projects for Community Improvement

Greer Galloway is an engineering consulting firm which designs municipal infrastructure: roads, bridges, water treatment and distribution, sanitary sewers, pumping stations and sewage treatment, as well as storm sewers and treatment. They can help water treatment plants with the full cycle for the water from finding the water source to the treatment to make it potable and then distribution. Engineering solutions include treatment systems, pumping stations, treatment facilities, and in-ground pipes.

Keeping surface water controlled when it rains or floods can be a challenge. Greer Galloway creates solutions to keep water out of buildings and out from under roads. Blakey notes, “We can’t put the water on private property, we have to control and manage it and that involves road designs and bridges and culverts, which have to be inspected and repaired.

For private land developers, Greer Galloway creates reports and designs to solve problems. Site developers must meet many requirements and obtain reports from several types of engineers, such as civil, structural, and mechanical. The company even employs an in-house biologist to ensure compliance surrounding species at risk.

“We don’t make anything. We solve problems,” says Blakey. “Then the contractor comes and builds the road, builds the bridge, builds the subdivision.” 


Ready to locate to the Bay of Quinte?

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