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What’s The Ecosystem Of Support For New Businesses in Bay of Quinte?

April 12, 2019

From lending to launching and business development, the Bay of Quinte has the resources to help. For example, Trenval has 32 years of experience in helping local businesses succeed. Trenval is located centrally in Belleville and can answer any new business questions. It can also introduce you to the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) who supports employee-based companies in manufacturing, technology, and industrial services.

Trenval Provides Business Support in the Bay of Quinte

Trenval’s goal is to supply small and medium-sized local enterprises with capital and loans of up to $250,000. As a business owner new to the Bay of Quinte, Trenval helps you problem solve, find resources, and build connections in the community.

The organization has partnered with local businesses to obtain government funding. It also offers counselling services, and engages in strategic community partnering with Bay of Quinte companies. Trenval can direct entrepreneurial and new business inquiries inside the Bay of Quinte business ecosystem.

Trenval manages the Small Business Centre on behalf of the City of Belleville, where dedicated business counsellors and additional staff are on hand free of charge. In addition, the Starter Plus Program was launched and provided small businesses with $265,000 of funding over two years. The Small Business Centre also has two satellite offices, one in Quinte West at the Chamber of Commerce and one in Prince Edward County at PELA CFDC.

When your business needs more support than that, Trenval is housed in the Quinte Business Development Centre (QBDC). So securing funding with partners, such as BDC or RBC, who are also in the QBDC building, is easier because introductions can be made and you don’t feel like you have to start building relationships from scratch.

“We have supported projects that increase skills, economic development, or community development in the Bay of Quinte, we put money towards new start-ups and businesses looking to expand” says Amber Darling, ED of Tren


Additional Business Resources at the QBDC

The QBDC is conveniently located at Loyalist College in Belleville, as a place where all local stakeholders can gather to promote business, community, and economic development. Trenval holds the lease on the QBDC and rents out offices to strategic local partners, making it easy to navigate the local business landscape.

If your tech business is focused on innovation or invention, Launch Lab can assist with trademark information or commercialization, as well as help with scaling your business. Launch Lab is based in Kingston, but has an office at the QBDC, and Trenval can refer you for free.

The Manufacturing Resource Centre (MRC) is also located in the QBDC. It’s an arm of the QEDC to support local industry. The MRC’s focus is on workforce readiness, increasing local businesses’ access to funding, and improving attraction and retention in industry. The MRC can also send out requests to the Quinte Manufacturers Association (QMA), which facilitates networking of local businesses through the QEDC. Requests can be anything from help with legislation or labour law interpretation to referrals for exporting support, or even help with emergency equipment repair.

he QBDC really brings all the key players under one roof, so you only have to stop by once, explain your current pain points or what resources your business needs, and the organizations within take you where you need to go from there. The organization is perfectly situated to get you answers quickly, and to connect you with the people and resources right in the local business ecosystem that will solve your issues.

QBDC Hosts Training Sessions and Workshops

On top of housing all the key players, the QBDC also hosts training sessions and workshops for local businesses. The QEDC, Small Business Centre, Trenval, and Loyalist College provide training, seminars and information sessions, most free of charge.

Forklift training certificates, entrepreneurial tax seminars, and information sessions on changing legislations are just a few of the types of offerings. To see what’s coming up next, the QBDC has created a convenient online calendar.

Trenval Also Refers High Tech Businesses to the QEDC

Trenval is a trusted member of the Bay of Quinte community, and can easily direct new business small activity in the region. The organization is part of an extensive ecosystem that is poised to assist and direct new local businesses.

When it comes to high tech industries, such as food processing, advanced manufacturing, and logistics, Trenval can easily refer the business owners to the QEDC. Many large manufacturing enterprises are drawn to the Bay of Quinte, as an ideal shipping location for rail, air and road. Between the QEDC and Trenval, no matter what technology your company specializes in, new business needs are efficiently addressed.

For more information on the QEDC and how they can help your business, visit them online.


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