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The Machining Center Celebrates 30 Years

August 27, 2018

Dozens of friends, colleagues and local dignitaries showed up to help The Machining Center celebrate 30 years of helping businesses solve problems and keep their business going. Started in Frankford in 1988, the business moved to its current location on Hamilton Road in 1996, said Machining Center president Dick Wolters.

The business officially provides CNC and manual machining services, custom fabrication, various design/engineering services as well as industrial maintenance services from its 14,000 sq. ft. facility.  But Wolters knows what the center principally does is help businesses solve problems and move forward.

“We are here to help people resolve issues within their business, whether that be a process that they are having, whether that be a machine component, whether it’s fabricating stairs to get to the top of the tank. Whatever the case may be,” he said.

The state of the art facility produces a wide variety of products and services, supporting local businesses ranging from large cereal manufacturers to companies that make products for Canada’s military efforts. The center, which employees 19 people full time, even makes chess sets with the pieces manufactured out of aluminum. The sets were give away as a draw prize to those who attended the 30th anniversary celebrations Friday afternoon.

“We do a little bit of everything,” Wolters said. “We are diversified through the marketplace. We are doing maintenance, we are doing engineering, we are doing process analysis, machining, fabrication.  “We have always said to people come down and grab a coffee and we will give you a tour of the place. More often than not after people have walked through and seen what is going on in the business, they will say, ‘Wow there is nothing you guys can’t do.’”

Among those on hand to pay tribute to the company’s 30 years in business were Quinte West and Belleville mayors, Jim Harrison and Taso Christopher, representatives from MPP Todd Smith’s office, Quinte Economic Development Commission and Trenval, as well as dozens of friends, neighbours and employees.
Wolters noted that there are no plans to move the business anywhere else anytime soon. While he and his wife, Arlene, are “semi-retired,” the business is migrating to his son Kevin, and Kevin’s wife Sarah.

“We are on to the next generation so the business will be here for the next 20 years, although I’m hoping I’m not,” Wolters said with a laugh.


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Located in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, The Machining Center Inc. (TMC) / The Fabrication Center provides full service, custom machining and fabrication to a diverse customer base. TMC was established in 1988 and is staffed with a knowledgeable and professional workforce.
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