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Metcalf Foundation Report Recognizes Local Elevate Plus Manufacturing Program

September 29, 2020

For Immediate Release, September 29, 2020

Metcalf Foundation Report Recognizes Local Elevate Plus Manufacturing Program

Metcalf Foundation’s newest report “When Training Works: Promising Workforces Development Practices” recognizes Bay of Quinte based work force training program, Elevate Plus – Manufacturing. Elevate Plus along with 3 other workforce development organizations/partnerships are recognized for connecting job seekers to good jobs. The programs have much in common including an in-depth understanding of the needs of both job seeker and employers, a thorough screening process, a hands on training program, ongoing support and a waiting job. Authors Danielle Olsen and John MacLaughlin identify transferable lessons and insights from these four workforce innovators about how good training works.

Quinte Economic Development Commission and Loyalist College partner to deliver the highly successful Elevate Plus Manufacturing program that has helped almost 200 people attain jobs with Quinte Region manufacturers. The program is free for participants and provides 6 weeks of technical and soft skills training that are sought after in the manufacturing sector. Elevate Plus has also been used as a model by other organizations across Ontario that are working to address the barriers that prevent people from connecting to available jobs. The Employment Ontario Program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. About the Metcalfe Foundation: The George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation’s mission is to enhance the effectiveness of people and organizations working together to help Canadians imagine and build a just, healthy, and creative society.

When Training Works: Promising workforce development practices

Elevate Plus


Metcalf Foundation

For more information on Elevate Plus Manufacturing please contact:

Mike Hewitt
Manufacturing Resource Centre Coordinator
Quinte Economic Development Commission
Tel: 613.966.0113
Cell: 613.243.3485

For more information on the report please contact:

Catherine Annau
Communications Manager
Metcalf Foundation
Cell: (416) 450-2522


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