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Why not set up in an inexpensive, more central location? The Bay of Quinte’s low entry point stems from decreased living costs, like lower taxes and utilities (such as water, waste, gas, and electricity).

Access multiple, nearby markets from The Bay of Quinte

Within the legal log time to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and north-eastern USA, QEDC’s Municipalities (Brighton, City of Quinte West–Trenton – and the City of Belleville) give you:

  • Excellent road and rail infrastructure. Bordering the Highway 401, you can quickly cross major cities to access the Windsor/Detroit and the Quebec City corridors; or let multiple logistics companies help you reach regional and international markets by rail or air.
  • Faster routes to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Washington, and Chicago than Toronto or Montreal. Cross NAFTA borders with F.A.S.T. eligibility.
  • Industrious support from QEDC, to help you flourish in the Bay of Quinte by understanding your options and benefiting from multiple incentives.

From investment-ready development land to industrial and commercial space, Bay of Quinte properties are so inexpensive it’s more profitable to run your business here than in major cities. Join the cluster of Food Processing, Plastics and Packaging, Logistics, Auto Parts and Aerospace manufacturers already in the Bay of Quinte and enjoy savings like co-location rewards from cheaper manufacturing space, storage/warehousing and distribution from one property. The existing cluster of over 400 multi-national, local, and specialty producers might save you the expense of upgrading facilities to suit your purpose.

Look at the properties currently available or allow QEDC to help you find the right site so it’s easier to find:

  • Buildings that meet all of your requirements.
  • Food grade facilities and packaging.
  • Raw materials and large volumes of treated water, gas and electricity.
  • Support from nearby electrical, mechanical, and fabricating services.
  • Full logistics: dry, refrigerated, frozen storage and transportation as well as less-than-full-load shipping.
  • It’s not just cheaper and easier to live in the Bay of Quinte, you’ll have the business support you need to address compliance, receive government incentives, arrange training, post jobs, or recruit from an skilled population.


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