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4 Reasons Why Women Love Tech Careers in the Bay of Quinte Region

March 5, 2021

Women in tech careers appreciate the intellectual challenge of their day to day tasks, the financial compensation of a stable, long-term job, and the ability to meet other family and life commitments with a flexible schedule.

What keeps women CEOs on the job? 39% love the intellectually challenging work and 31% appreciated the tech world’s work-life flexibility. (Tech Republic) Kommando Tech

Research by the Women Tech Council demonstrated that, “Women-led private technology companies achieve an average 35% higher return on investment,” and “venture-backed companies led by women bring in 12% higher revenue than male-owned tech companies.”

Bay of Quinte Region Women Who Love Their Tech Careers

  1. Taking part in exciting, leading edge innovation to solve real world problems now.

Kristen Crowe, President & Co-Owner, Alarm Systems

The body temperature detection system developed by Alarm Systems, in partnership with their suppliers, has been deployed in four different sectors in the Bay of Quinte region so far and generated a ton of interest. Alarm Systems works with consultants and security professionals in local manufacturing, municipal government, retail and service companies and not-for-profit organizations.

  1. Saving lives daily by providing training to prevent human errors across all industries at work and in leisure time activities.

Barb Tait, CEO & Co-Owner, SafeStart

Far beyond rules, procedures, and compliance, SafeStart training saves lives by minimizing the human errors that can cause people to lose focus to help workers stay safe 24/7 -at home, at work, and everywhere in between. Clients of SafeStart typically experience a 50% reduction in injuries in the first year.

Companies with more women on their executive teams are 21% more likely to outperform the national industry median. (McKinsey & Co.) Kommando Tech

  1. Having a leadership role working with the UN to develop international regulations for handling workplace chemicals which are being used around the world.

Lisa Hallsworth, CEO & Co-Owner, Rillea Tech

From helping local Bay of Quinte manufacturers understand the chemicals they are using in their business and reduce the risk of harm, to municipalities, labs, educational institutions, health and dental clinics throughout Ontario and Canada, RilleaTech’s cloud-based platform, SDS RiskAssist™, helps people using chemicals to get educated, get equipped and stay safe.”

  1. Being a part of building and maintaining our local communities through the creation of hardware and software used by roads departments and maintenance companies.

Linda Thornback, Director, Lynxfield

Lynxfield creates technology that helps the ministries of transportation (Canada-wide) and area maintenance contractors monitor fleet location, air and road temperature, and supply use. This helps road crews make operational decisions with live views and real time data.

QEDC Supports Bay of Quinte Region Women in Tech Companies

One thing these four women all agree on is the outstanding level of support and resources available to technology companies from the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC). 

“Chris King, CEO of QEDC, is always out there networking trying to understand our needs and how he can better help us. We appreciate the time he takes to get to know us better and to understand our needs.” Kristin Crowe, Alarm Systems

“The support from QEDC to help us open the door to big clients like Loyalist College, who have now been using SDS RiskAssist™ for 4 years, has been invaluable! Testimonials from clients like these have allowed us to “catch on”. Lisa Hallsworth, RilleaTech

“It’s great to have so many supportive organizations in this community – and they’re all located in the Quinte Business Development Centre. ” – Linda Thornback, Lynxfield

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