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May 31, 2017

The “Proudly Made in Bay of Quinte” campaign has recently expanded to include “Proudly Shipped from Bay of Quinte” decals, which are placed on transport trailers dispatched all over North America.

The idea for these well-travelled decals was a collaboration between International Truckload Services Inc. (ITS) and the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC). The decals are stuck on as many trailers as possible to “carry the word down the road,” explains President of ITS, Rob Haggarty.

Located right on the 401, approximately halfway between Toronto and Montreal, and 80 minutes from the U.S. border, ITS is part of the Belleville transportation hub. “A lot of factories, plants, and exporters are here to take advantage of that. We have more manufacturing type of activity than a centre like Kingston and Kingston is twice as big as Belleville – just because of the transportation hub here,” notes Haggarty.

“We receive good support in the area. My philosophy is that there is always a way to do something to help a customer or help the community in need.” -Rob Haggarty, ITS

Currently, ITS is helping QEDC to spread the word about the Bay of Quinte community. They are showing shippers that the Bay of Quinte is a great location for business. With 400 tractors and over 1200 trailers, ITS certainly lives by its message. ITS currently has 10 times as many trucks as it had 15 years ago, and knows firsthand how successful a business can be in the Bay of Quinte area. Haggarty attributes their success to the “we’ll find a way” attitude of the company.

Although ITS only does full loads, to fill “the gaps are in areas we don’t service (or Less-Than-Load, LTL), we set up logistics divisions and strategic partnerships with other companies to cover those parts of the business for our customers. We specialize in what we good at, yet find a way for what our customers want.”

Now, ITS is looking to grow accounts they already have. To do this, they need to find more drivers and owner operators to join the team and carry the message about the Bay of Quinte across the continent.

Each time one of those trailers is fully loaded and ready to head out on the road, whether it is a dry van, heated trailer, or refrigerated trailer, when it carries the “Proudly Shipped from Bay of Quinte” decal, it carries a little bit of the Bay of Quinte with it. As Haggarty states, “It’s a small little piece – but success is about doing small things to build something bigger.”

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