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Top Employers

The Bay of Quinte’s industrial base has over 350 companies including 120 manufacturers. Surrounding this cluster are a full range of support services such as cold storage, warehousing, equipment fabrication and repair, transportation, product supply, customized training, co-packing and other support services.

The following are the Top Manufacturing Sector employers located in the Bay of Quinte Region by employee number. 

Autosystems (Magna Closures Division)                       1,000                       Manufacturer of automotive lighting for the auto industry

Procter and Gamble Inc.                                                  765                         Feminine hygiene product, beauty products (Olay Facial Wipes)

Parmalat Canada – Black Diamond Cheese Division      673                        Cheese manufacturer and packaging

Hanon Systems Canada Inc.                                           362                        Manufacturing of automotive climate control systems and components

Nestle Canada Inc. Food Service                                    249                        Frozen and dry mix food service products

JBS Canada                                                                230                         Manufacturer specializing in “case ready” meat products

McKesson Canada                                                          200                         Distribution Centre

GlobalMed Inc.                                                                183                         Manufacturer of plastic medical products

GH Manufacturing                                                           156                         Re-packaging, co-packer, polyethylene drawstring bag converter

Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Trenton              140                         Manufacturer of corrugated median paper

Kennametal Stellite                                                          138                         Specialty metals manufacturer – stellite/nickel based components

Kruger Products AFH                                                       136                         Manufacturing of tissue paper products

Electro Cables Inc.                                                           134                         Manufacturer of wire and cables

Redpath Sugar LTD                                                          126                     Manufactures high sugar content blends and packaged food products

Sigma Stretch Film                                                           125                        Stretch film manufacturer

Deca Cables Inc.                                                              117                         Electrical and electronic wire and cable manufacturer

Domtech Inc.                                                                    105                         Manufacturer of electrical wire and cable

Premier Tech Biotechnologies                                           94                         Packaging consumer and industrial products

Kellogg Canada                                                                  93                         Breakfast cereal manufacturer


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