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Shipping CrossBorder: Bay of Quinte’s Unique In-land Customs Office

April 2, 2014

It’s a great time to be shipping across Canada’s border with trade benefits from NAFTA and 9 other Free Trade Agreements, plus multiple foreign country agreements (like CETA) in negotiation.

Usually, Customs offices are found at Canadian Sea Ports, airports and USA-Canada border crossings. But because Canada’s largest military air base (8 Wing, CFB Trenton) is also in the Bay of Quinte region, Bay of Quinte businesses have the extra advantage of an inland Customs Office.

In Belleville, the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) office doesn’t just serve Quinte West military staff coming in and out of Canada, but also the large cluster of industry throughout the Bay of Quinte. As a result, there is a sophisticated supply chain for importers and exporters in the Bay of Quinte, including reputable inland customs brokers ready to take good care of your shipments.

As a licensed Customs Broker in the City of Belleville, Paul Tilley from CrossBorder Solutions has 32 years of Customs experience in Canada. He knows more than just the requirements of cross border shipping, he knows how to avoid unnecessary costs when you’re moving products in and out of Canada.

“There are major logistical advantages for running your company from the Bay of Quinte region.”

Tilley says manufacturing companies are attracted to the Bay of Quinte region because logistics are inexpensive and the location enables easy goods movement around North America.

The lower industrial costs of the Bay of Quinte region are well documented in competitive alternative studies. The region’s central position in North America simply makes sense.

The Bay of Quinte is located between Toronto and Montreal. Ontario’s major transportation artery, the Highway 401, edges one side of the region, and Canada’s railway network the other. Within four hours, your goods can reach two sea ports and two major international airports, opening up the whole of North America for import and export.

“Trucking companies don’t want to stray too far from the Highway 401. They can get on and off the 401 quickly—and without a major traffic jam—from anywhere in the Bay of Quinte region.”

5 More Reasons Why Bay of Quinte manufacturers are in prime position for import and export:

1. Move Goods More Efficiently: Bay of Quinte businesses have the option to terminate goods in Montreal and send imported goods a few hours on a truck instead of travelling past the Bay of Quinte region by rail all the way to Toronto ‘in bond’. Instead, your goods stay in your control and arrive two to four days faster without any added inconvenience—or expense.

“It’s easy to move North American import containers directly on a truck from Montreal to wherever you need it to go – including Toronto, which is only a five hour truck drive from Montreal,” Tilley says.

2. Keep Shipments Moving with Fewer Delays: CBSA in conjunction with your customs broker manages all shipments through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which is faster and more efficient than managing Customs releases by paper, telephone or fax and helps to avoid clearance delays.

“Electronic release at Canadian borders means that 99% of the time you can avoid bonded shipment,” explains Tilley. But when things go wrong, and there is a documentation problem with your shipment at the border, the goods can keep moving in bond to Trenton “so your broker can solve the problem and get your release approved by the local customs office without holding up the delivery of your goods.”

3. Besides Lower Property Taxes, enjoy Competitive Logistics Costs in the Region. “There are excellent truckload carriers here. There’s a solid base of very good Full-Truck-Load (FTL) and Less-Than-Truck (LTL) local carriers in the Bay of Quinte,” Tilley says, helping import and export companies get competitive rates, services and options, such as sharing cargo space.

4. Access Significant Customs Expertise from the Bay of Quinte
Companies like Food Processors and Advanced Manufacturers (like the Aerospace industry or Auto Parts Manufacturers) in Belleville, Brighton and Quinte West further benefit from the expertise of local customs brokers who work closely with the Bay of Quinte’s local CBSA office.

“You don’t have to drive a long way to get answers like you might in other places,” says Tilley.

Canadian Border Service agents are available during regular business hours but offer computerised information 24/7.

5. FAST Access to the USA-Canada Border
Most of the border crossings in Ontario offer FAST crossing for drivers who frequently move through an international border, and so does the Bay of Quinte’s closest border crossing (in the Thousand Islands), which is just over an hour’s drive.

The FAST program is a truck driver screening process, where drivers are highly scrutinized before being awarded their FAST card. The FAST card gives truck drivers a preferred lane to go through the border more quickly with their goods, to save transit time on shipments.

Tilley says, in the Bay of Quinte region, nearly all local drivers will have a FAST card, and there are multiple trucking companies to move your goods to any location in North America.

To find out what further benefits you might enjoy as a current or prospective industrial organization: speak with the Quinte Economic Development Commission.

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Shipping CrossBorder: Bay of Quinte’s Unique In-land Customs Office

It’s a great time to be shipping across Canada’s border with trade benefits from NAFTA and 9 other Free Trade...


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