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Labour Force

It’s easier to hire your first-choice candidate and attract staff for longer-term employment in the Bay of Quinte. The Bay of Quinte’s Labour Force enjoys a high quality of Life, encouraging loyal, disciplined and dedicated employees.  With multiple, local tertiary education institutions Bay of Quinte businesses can access a plentiful well-trained talent pool. Fewer employers compete for the same talent, so employees are attracted to stay, creating lower turnover rates and increasing productivity in the workplace.

“We find we have employees for life. You can live affordably, and enjoy so many activities and opportunities in your backyard.” – Premier Tech Biotechnologies

Despite highly trained workers, the Bay of Quinte area has lower pay rates and lower benefit plan expectations because housing is more affordable than major cities. Also, Employment Ontario subsidizes employee training and wages.

It’s easy to attract new talent to the area which has multiple jobs for family members, and who can also easily commute to cities nearby. Review QEDC’s full demographic e-report so you can understand why the Bay of Quinte can claim higher education levels.

Government incentives help you create jobs for Summer Interns and Apprentices , allowing you to recruit early. Plus, with Loyalist College and more than four universities nearby, local businesses are able to influence school course calendars . For instance, Guelph and Loyalist partnered to offer a superior food processing training program for the cluster of food processing businesses in the Bay of Quinte.

There are other specialty training programs, like chemical engineering for the Bay of Quinte’s plastics and packaging sector. All graduates of Loyalist’s Technology program are exposed to “plastics and manufacturing” course segments. UOIT and GM’s Beacon Project are close by, able to help a new generation of auto parts manufacturers take advantage of Research and Development grants.  Plus, employees from CFB Trenton often retire relatively young from the military in search of a second career. The Bay of Quinte’s aerospace cluster stands to benefit from the highly trained staff.

There are also experienced border drivers to quicken the pace of the growing number of local Logistics companies.

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