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RCI Creating Exhibits for Shanghai Museum of Natural History

March 11, 2014

Research Casting International Working with World’s Largest Museum of Natural History

Staff at Research Casting International (RCI) are racing to meet a tight deadline.

Officials with the Shanghai Museum of Natural History expect hundreds of pieces bound for major exhibits to be shipped and delivered by mid April.

It’s not just any contract, said RCI president Peter May.

“We landed the contract several weeks ago so it’s a very quick turn around for us,” said May.

Upwards of 25 staff are rushing to meet the deadline and are in the process of creating 212 pieces for the museum. Those pieces include the content for an exhibit of species found in a hydro thermal vent, a coral reef exhibit, and 16 small dioramas which are individual snapshots of a point in time.

At 54,000 square-metres, the Shanghai museum just happens to be the largest natural history museum in the world. It’s due to open its doors in June.

RCI received an official visit from the museum’s architect, Liu Tiesheng, Tuesday afternoon. It was Tiesheng’s first inspection of the work, and he’s impressed.

“The quality is very good which is very important for a project of this magnitude,” said Tiesheng, speaking through an interpreter.

Tiesheng carefully inspected some of the finished pieces displayed on a boardroom table at the RCI offices in Trenton. He used a cell phone to take dozens of pictures.

“I’m very impressed with the giant sea cucumber,” said Tiesheng. “It’s also very important to the Chinese government that the quality of work is excellent, it will be showcased in the museum.”

Tiesheng was in North America for a quick two-day visit. The bulk of Tuesday was spent at the RCI offices.

RCI was awarded the contract through JJ Bridge International Inc. The Markham-based firm has brokered several major contracts in North America for the Shanghai museum, and finds suppliers to fulfill contracts for other major projects.

It’s the first time JJ Bridge has worked with RCI on a major international contract.

“We’re very impressed with the work,” said Jane Li, director of marketing. “We fully expect to give RCI additional work.”

That’s good news for May.

“It’s been a great experience working with JJ Bridge,” he said.

It’s not the first time RCI has completed a contract for a Chinese-based museum. The company completed a major exhibit for the Geological Museum of China located in Beijing back in 2000.

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