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QEDC 2019 Year In Review

March 3, 2020

The Quinte Economic Development Commission continues to be a model of cooperation for the City of Belleville, the City of Quinte West and the Municipality of Brighton. The QEDC continues to build on the established relationships between our three communities reflecting the region’s common opportunities, labour force patterns, supply chain connections and close proximity between the municipalities. The QEDC continues to deliver successful programs while offering excellent value to our member municipalities by leveraging funding, avoiding duplication of effort and providing a platform for collaboration.

In 2019 QEDC saw a very active year with projects, programs and much more. 2019 also saw the completion of target market study and strategic plan providing future direction and action items for the organization with the objective of attracting new investment and providing support services to retain, grow and nurture existing targeted businesses.


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