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New Food Processing Plant in Bay of Quinte

November 12, 2019

Hain Celestial Canada, part of the global Hain Celestial Group, is a leading manufacturer of natural and organic foods and personal care products.  While they have a well established centre of operations in Vancouver, Hain Celestial Canada found a group of products needed additional capacity for production.  Drawn to Bay of Quinte’s strategic location and supportive manufacturing network, Hain Celestial Canada opened a new plant in the City of Quinte West.

Choosing A Strategic Manufacturing Location

Hain Celestial Canada had their primary operations on the west coast, and wanted to open their new plant in a more central location, closer to markets. Right next to the 401 highway, the Bay of Quinte offers manufacturers – like Hain Celestial Canada – easy access to high density markets like Toronto and Quebec.

Bay of Quinte’s manufacturing hub has drawn in a number of logistics companies – making it easy for manufacturers in the region to find the services they need.  For Hain Celestial Canada, prior to their new facility in the Bay of Quinte area, had already developed a sound partnership with Trenton Cold Storage (TCS).  TCS, a well established logistics company in the area, had ammonia refrigeration systems and large storage spaces, and Hain Celestial Canada had already used their services for a number of years. By moving next to TCS, Hain Celestial Canada continue to use those existing capabilities while reducing their total capital spent.

Hard Working Labour Force

Manufacturing employees in the Bay of Quinte are renowned for their strong work ethic – with companies like Premier Tech, Procter & Gamble, and Kilmarnock Enterprise – all repeatedly praising the skilled talent and motivated attitudes of the region’s workforce.

Hain Celestial Canada was no exception.  After opening the plant, Hain Celestial Canada reports their new employees to be “hard workers; who are interested in the learning process, and engaged in their jobs.”

In many areas of Canada there is a low unemployment rate, and in Bay of Quinte that is also true, but there are programs to mitigate what could be a difficult hiring process.  Fortunately, there are services in the area to help with recruitment:  Elevate Plus – a joint initiative by QEDC and the Loyalist Training and Knowledge Center – is a pilot program to improve workforce participation, linking inactive and underemployed people to suitable manufacturing companies.

Strong Support & Funding

Hain Celestial Canada also attributes the support and funding received as a large factor in their decision to move.  With the help of Chris King from the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC), Hain Celestial Canada applied for a grant, and received over a million dollars in funding from the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF).

To learn more about what funding your company could be eligible for, call Chris King on (613) 961-7990 or email him at: [email protected].


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