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Border Crossings

Access USA Markets: NAFTA (Free Trade) and FAST Border Crossings from The Bay of Quinte

One way global producers become more competitive is to manufacture in a free trade zone. Whether you’re already shipping to the USA, or you want to start, reach the border quickly from the Bay of Quinte, and enjoy multiple benefits as a manufacturer through NAFTA and FAST Border crossing program.

NAFTA’s Competitive Advantage For Canadian Manufacturers

The 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) removed tariffs on agricultural goods; so food producers in Canada can serve beyond local boundaries with fewer obstacles to import and export to the USA, and Mexico. NAFTA and other trade agreements offer multiple benefits to manufacturers in Canada, from moving plastic and auto parts between the borders to moving people.

FAST Border Crossings from The Thousand Islands Bridge (ON) to Interstate 81 (for the north eastern United States):

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The Free And Secure Trade (F.A.S.T.) Program allows pre-approved eligible goods to cross the Canadian/USA border more quickly. The program is designed to increase security but decrease delays for shipments. Helping you find out how to determine your eligibility for F.A.S.T. Border Crossing is just one of the connections QEDC will initiate on your behalf so that your relocation is always easier.

“Need to ship goods Here?”

The Bay of Quinte put you in the centre of the action.

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