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Beclawat Manufacturing – Lifelong Learning Essential To Success

February 23, 2017

“Bay of Quinte provides a  very high quality of life – people want jobs here and they want to stay here and raise their families.” – Cindy Wilson, HR/HS Manager,  Beclawat Manufacturing Inc.  Most employees work at Beclawat Manufacturing Inc. (located in the City of Belleville) for 20 years or more. Contributing to this long-term employment is the high quality training and support available locally, creating high employee engagement from learning new skills and achieving personal growth.

40% of Beclawat’s staff have a Loyalist College diploma.
Beclawat requires a very highly skilled workforce: a workforce that’s boosted by a variety of programs at the Bay of Quinte’s Loyalist College, including the Manufacturing Engineering Technician program.

“Loyalist College’s programs are directly relevant to the skills we need, from a business, manufacturing, engineering and technology perspective,” adds Wilson.

Beclawat has opened its doors to many students who have been able to cut their teeth in the industry as co-op students and interns.

“It’s a win-win, students get real life experience for their career and we get a fresh set of eyes to help us out. We also get to evaluate the students for future hiring opportunities to see if they fit with our company culture,” says Wilson.

What’s more, current employees have the opportunity to upgrade their skills through the variety of workforce development courses provided by the Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre (LTKC) at Loyalist College.

With its existing skilled labour market and opportunities for advanced training, operating in The Bay Of Quinte provides Beclawat with the tools necessary to remain a world class manufacturer of window and door solutions for the Marine, Rail, Transit, and Defense industries.

Three Ways LTKC Helps Manufacturing Businesses Perform Better

LTKC understands the importance of manufacturing to the local economy. Its professional staff work with manufacturing employers to make sure available training opportunities match the company’s needs. Here’s what LTKC does to help businesses perform better:

  1. Helps identify where to invest your training dollars to meet your specific goals. Accessing custom training that directly meets your needs means no more wasted time and money on courses that don’t improve your operation.
  2. Delivers practical, hands-on training participants can put into practice immediately. Less talk more action gives your staff the tools and confidence to make a difference immediately.
  3. Shows you how to perform to higher standards with fewer resources. You can keep your training budget in hand while still fulfilling training requirements with quality instruction.

You can get training that improves your employee experience and your bottom line. Call LTKC: 613-969-1913 ext. 2294 or 1-888-569-2547.

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Beclawat Manufacturing – Lifelong Learning Essential To Success

“Bay of Quinte provides a  very high quality of life - people want jobs here and they want to stay here and raise their...


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