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Greetham Industrial Services

September 25, 2017

Large Objects, Large Reach: Bay of Quinte Business Greetham Industrial Services

Have you ever seen a silo or an incinerator stack cruising through the region on the back  of a truck? Bay of Quinte business Greetham Industrial Services regularly attracts these unusually large industrial items to their Brighton-based facility to receive specialty coatings that prevent them from corroding. For these items, ordinary coatings won’t do; they need long-term corrosion protection that will last for decades.

Ontario Industries Come to Bay of Quinte to do Business with Greetham Industrial Services

When Greetham Industrial was founded in this region over 35 years ago, the staff would travel to industry sites to do field painting at large plants. But the founders of Greetham Industrial quickly realized that their specialty coating applications needed a more controlled environment.

They set up a 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art industrial protective coating workshop in Brighton. Now, instead of Greetham Industrial going to the industry sites, enterprises from all over Ontario send equipment – in need of protective coating – to Greetham Industrial.

“The things we do at Greetham Industrial’s protective coating workshop go all over the world” says General Manager Mark Mullin. One of Greetham Industrial’s clients is a large steel fabricator in Toronto that ships its product to the Petrochemical industry in Texas. Large antenna systems that utilize Greetham Industrial’s protective coating are found in China, Russia, and South America.

With its decades-worth of experience and ongoing expertise, Greetham Industrial gains the personal trust of its clients.

The existence of such a company is another win for the Bay of Quinte economy: Greetham’s strong year-round business offers year-round jobs.

The QEDC has helped Greetham Industrial get subsidy for specialty staff training to help the company continue to compete on a world class scale. For example, employees are certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) – it’s a value-add level of training that allows Greetham to ensure their work is to engineering specifications.

“We’re on the road trying to solicit new business all the time,” Mullin says. In the Bay of Quinte, the company is in a good location to grow.  More on Greetham Industrial Services on InQuinte!

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Greetham Industrial Services

Large Objects, Large Reach: Bay of Quinte Business Greetham Industrial Services


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