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Lynxfield Canada Chooses Bay of Quinte

February 23, 2017

Innovative Tech Company Lynxfield Continues To Choose Bay of Quinte

“We are coming in and replacing big companies with this software,” says Linda Thornback of the leading-edge technology Lynxfield now provides for the road maintenance sector. Lynxfield works with Area Maintenance Contractors (AMC’s) hired by Ministry of Transportation Canada-wide, supplying operational data integral to quick decision-making.

“Our tech has never been replaced; anything we put in, stays in. It works,” explains Thornback.
With their software and fleet tracking ability, Lynxfield traces the quantity of salt and sand dispersed on roads and reads information gathered from vehicles’ temperature sensors – an act vital to both road safety and staying atop environmental concerns. And while other companies exist in the field, Lynxfield has a reputation for reliability and pulling massive amounts of data quickly, allowing accurate decisions to be made.

Lynxfield is owned and operated by Canadians: they know every salted, slushy and degree of cold we feel and which equipment suffers through. A City of Quinte West location is a distinct advantage over systems not built in Canada: at 5 years old, Lynxfield finds themselves continually replacing the underperforming, dated systems of historically bigger businesses.

Tasks Lynxfield Performs In The Bay of Quinte?

1) Write OS
2) Source parts
3) Assemble units
4) Create proprietary cable & wire system
5) Send product to location.

Help Finding the right location

When the time came to scout a second Bay of Quinte location for expanded operations – one that was highly visible, boasted the desired amenities and was visually pleasing, Chris King (Quinte Economic Development Commission, QEDC) and Derek Morgan (Business Development Bank of Canada, BDC): “Researched it for us and found a place perfect for our needs.” – Linda Thornback

“We are living the life in Quinte West,” she says, with mention of the Batawa ski hill nearby, affordable housing and boat docking fees. “It’s a life no one in the city gets to live.”

For a rising tech company with Bell contacts in Ottawa and Montreal, and business contacts in Toronto, the convenience of their location between the latter two is undeniable. Lynxfield has cut their commute in half.

We are one of the first tech companies to scout the opportunity for IT companies in the Bay of Quinte. We look forward to growing here.” – Linda Thornback

Trenval Champions Company’s Choice Location
In the ever-evolving field of technology, if you can’t keep up with big ideas, you miss out on their realization. The Trenval Business Development Corporation (Trenval), along with QEDC and BDC, have created a well-rounded support system for the young tech company.

Committed to increasing opportunities for local business and mindful of Lynxfield’s desire to grow in the region, Trenval offered, financing, unrestricted guidance and meetings to back their venture.

“We were small and needed to get bigger quickly…they knew it was risky to support us, but Trenval did it anyway,” says Linda Thornback.

Visit Lynxfield

See how other Companies Like You are getting High-caliber Support, a Gratifying Lifestyle and Unbeatable Market Access on the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) website.

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Lynxfield Canada Chooses Bay of Quinte

Innovative Tech Company Lynxfield Continues To Choose Bay of Quinte


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