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Halla Visteon Climate Control’s Defining Choice to Stay in the Bay of Quinte Came Shortly After Opening

July 30, 2013

It’s hard to pinpoint the reasons employees are more pivotal to a company’s success than any other reason – but René Veillette, Managing Director of Halla Visteon Climate Control (HVCC) Canada Inc., will sure try.

“Just as location is the most essential element in real estate, the calibre of employees found in the Bay of Quinte makes a huge difference.

Initially the climate control company with Korean headquarters chose City of Belleville (on the Bay of Quinte) for its ideal location in North America, and the additional cost-saving advantages beyond the other areas considered.

HVCC’s defining choice to stay in the Bay of Quinte came shortly after opening.

Veillette said the key difference was that Canadian employees are engaged, dedicated people, offering a level of dedication HVCC came to rely on.

“We lost a key Quebec customer in our first few years and spent 10-12 months struggling to get business back up to comfortable levels.” As it turns out, Canadians have a cultural sense of community and loyalty to their employers second to none.

“They were determined to see HVCC succeed beyond their need for a pay check. So HVCC’s Ontario employees stayed and voluntarily committed to becoming part of the solution to help drive the company forwards.”

Over the ensuing 25 years of operations in Belleville (ON), and despite the hard times the automotive industry has gone through, “Our employees have always been able to step it up to give the company what we needed next” said the Managing Director.

Why do Bay of Quinte employees reliably offer intrinsic value?

Firstly, the predominant age group (25-55) has well-documented high education levels (reinforced by the multiple corporate training facilities nearby who are focussed on skills and trades). “The local College, Loyalist, is right on our doorstep.”

Secondly, Veillette noted, “There’s something to be said for liking the community you live in. You want to work harder for the company you work for, to make sure it stays profitable.”

HVCC employs over 500 people, and “We’ve always had a very successful recruitment path in the Bay of Quinte. Our employees come from all over, and they simply fall in love with this area and the quality of life it provides,” said Veillette.

Why Else Is The Bay of Quinte a Great Place To Do Business In the Automotive Industry?

Being just off the highway 401 is a huge asset to the Bay of Quinte region. “We deliver Just-In-Time key climate control systems to automotive assembly plants all over North America – from Oshawa and Oakville in Ontario, to Indiana, Michigan, Mexico and Texas.”

North, south, east or west – the 401’s limited access, multiple-lane highway makes it easy to cross the border and get your product anywhere in North America. “There are hundreds of businesses here who all compete globally from this community.”

“We have a finite window of time to get our product out to another assembly plant (24-36 hours) before creating a disruption; but we can get it there through a variety of transportation methods in the Bay of Quinte.”

“We’ve always been able to supply parts and bring in parts from overseas very easily from the Bay of Quinte region,” said Veillette.

HVCC also enjoys the convenience of sourcing a large part of their supply chain locally too, from local plastics & packaging companies to fabrication and machine shops.

Thanks Halla Visteon Climate Control. QEDC wishes you another 25 years.

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Halla Visteon Climate Control’s Defining Choice to Stay in the Bay of Quinte Came Shortly After Opening

It’s hard to pinpoint the reasons employees are more pivotal to a company’s success than any other reason - but René...


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