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May 16, 2017

Bay of Quinte area customers are buying locally to support the local economy. But the “Proudly Made in Bay of Quinte” logo can be found much further than its place of origin. The region’s thriving manufacturing sector is fueling demand for both national and international shipping & delivery services.

When Residents Shop for Local Products Made in Bay of Quinte

The Proudly Made In Bay of Quinte movement may have started out as an awareness campaign urging residents to buy local but it has evolved into so much more. When you buy locally-made goods you’re supporting local retailers and manufacturers, but you’re also reinvesting money into your community and stimulating other sectors.

Locally Made Products Exported Beyond the Region

Bay of Quinte manufacturers rely on an equally hard-working network of local suppliers and distributors to get their goods into retailers near and far. For example, Canada Bread produces fresh baked goods, while Canadian Blast Freezers provides meat processing, cold storage and blast freezing. But both Quinte-based companies depend on another local company, Quinte Truck & Trailer, to supply the heavy duty truck parts that create reliable fleets and ensure local exports are shipped nationally and internationally.

It’s this carefully orchestrated process that transports so many everyday items bearing the “Proudly Made in Bay of Quinte” logo across the country. In fact there are hundreds of items made right here in Bay of Quinte that big businesses around the world rely on.

It’s likely that you’ve bought a product made and shipped from Bay of Quinte without even knowing it. For example, International Truckload Services (ITS) put decals “Shipped from Bay of Quinte” on their large fleet of Belleville trucks. These trucks receive and deliver goods all over North America, carrying Bay of Quinte pride with them on every stop and highway along the way.

These national and international exports are not only a source of local pride, but also a tremendous economic success story for our region, its companies, communities and customers.

High quality goods made by fellow Bay of Quinte residents.

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