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How Bay of Quinte Region Women in Manufacturing Demonstrate Leadership

September 7, 2021

The Bay of Quinte region in Ontario, Canada has a very active manufacturing community, which includes HEXO Corp. HEXO is a manufacturer of cannabis baked goods, hash and beverages, with several of their products reaching #1 sales nation-wide.

HEXO employs over 300 local team members, several of whom are women in a variety of leadership positions.

In a recent Forbes article, contributor Kevin Kruse, CEO of LEADx and author of Great Leaders Have No Rules, defines leadership as “a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.”

Here are some leadership strategies that you can put into practice in your own life both inside and outside of your work environment.

8 Lessons You can learn from HEXO Women in Leadership

Choose a Rewarding Career Helping People

“When you go into food tech or food engineering or chemistry, those fields are all related to cannabis. If you are into learning how to make things work, this would be very interesting to you. Hexo’s medical side of things was the field I was really interested in. So if you are into that and want to help and offer a benefit to consumers, it’s a great field.” Symphony Llacuna, Commercialization Manager, HEXO Corp.

Being Proactive to Build Your Own Path

“You have to be motivated. And if you don’t see women in leadership first hand you won’t see yourself in those shoes. Choose the environment you want to be in and strive to design the best career path for you. A career based on quality of life and not money is very important.” Bhagyashri Desai, Supply Planner, HEXO Corp.

Create a Supportive Community for Collaboration

“This new industry got my attention, seeing the team develop something from scratch and build it into an empire of what they were trying to accomplish. I met some amazing women that year. Watching our chief grower tend the plants with true passion added another layer for me. I also worked with the Director of Securities. I was quickly connected with some really impressive women in the industry.” Kristen Richardson, Manager Warehouse, HEXO Corp.

Participate in Teamwork Towards a Common Goal

“It’s a great opportunity. We are all coming from different industries and bring different expertise to work towards one goal. We’re here to help the company work well and be able to produce a good product. It is a pretty fun place to work. We often laugh and talk together.” Lei Wang, Manufacturing Engineer, HEXO Corp.

Apply Cutting Edge Tech and Continuous Learning

“You get to see a lot of new technology like robotics and automation that I have never seen. That’s why I took a program to learn more about it. I chose this secondary course because I got so interested. It’s a short program for future leaders, so I’m auditing it to see if it’s a good fit for the people who train up under me.” Krystel Benoit, Area Manager Packaging, HEXO Corp.

Grow a Career that Aligns with Your Values

“Cannabis is a great place for women. To find the organization that aligns with your overall values is how I’ve always seen it. Don’t feel compromised when you’re making that decision. Find a company that has an overall mission that works with your values. The Hexo values are aligned where I am: safety and quality of our employees and our product and then production alignment there.” Lori Bolander, Director of Packaging, HEXO Corp.

Use Organizational Strategies to Improve Your Entire Life

“When you’re in logistics, which is my field, there are so many principles you can apply to real situations and how you organize your own life, I really enjoy that. Logistics does not have a lot of women as a whole, but in this facility there are a lot of females. HEXO does a great job of having a more diverse workforce. We need female leaders. Different perspectives should always be recognized in any critical process. It’s not about how women think or some gendered piece, but all minds are created equally and we benefit from different perspectives in key processes.” Amanda Belardi, Manager, Order Fulfillment, HEXO Corp.

Lead at Home and in Your Social Circles

“HEXO is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory to me. Plants as far as the eye can see. We have mother plants the size of trees. I have to pinch myself going to work. It’s so exciting, these formulations are so cool. Everyday is a new day. I am so passionate about my job. I love the element of creativity. I have a daughter. We encourage our daughter to approach science with creativity and confidence. She sees how to take the risk, apply for the job and it will work out, because it has so far for us.” Mackenzie Credicott, Area Manager Packaging, HEXO Corp.

Manufacturing Resources in the Bay of Quinte Region.

Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) has leadership resources for advanced manufacturing and food processing companies and their teams.

As part of the Quinte Economic Development Commission, the Manufacturing Resource Centre (MRC) is a free service available to local manufacturers which helps find funding programs, access information about relevant legislation and coordinate training programs to maintain and grow their business in the Bay of Quinte region.


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