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High-Performance Race Cars Meet EV Innovation in the Bay of Quinte

March 19, 2024

The Bay of Quinte region is known for world-class production in sectors like food processing, advanced manufacturing, IT and logistics; and now, the Bay of Quinte can add high-performance electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing to the list. Since 2022, Scalar Performance has offered consulting services for: hybrid vehicles, EVs, modern electric powertrains, custom EVs, and traditional internal combustion engine (ICE); as well as offering custom builds for: EVs, hybrids, and ICE vehicles.

Their goal is to transform the world of high performance vehicles and usher in the electric era.

Step one in achieving this goal was the creation of the first ever all-electric high-performance race car, the SCR1, approved by the National Auto Sports Association (NASA). The NASA stamp of approval has made the SCR1 the only high-performance electric vehicle that can race wheel to wheel with traditional combustion.

Shifting Gears to EV Innovation

Before the SCR1 and ushering in a new era in high-performance racing, Scalar Performance co-founder Joel Fallaise owned a four bay garage in the Bay of Quinte. Meanwhile, his real passion was building race cars, but Fallaise recognized that the Bay of Quinte was not a region known for its race car production; so he decided to put it on the map.

Fallaise, along with two business partners and three full-time employees, shifted out of day-to-day mechanic operations and launched Scalar Performance. In a short time, Scalar Performance has accumulated sponsors and partnered with some of the biggest names in high-performance racing. Öhlins Suspension Systems, Hypercraft USA, Lifeline Fire Suppression, PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, Safecraft Racing to name just a few.

The Bay of Quinte’s High Octane Power

Along with sponsors and partnerships, by partnering with Loyalist College and QEDC, Scalar Performance received financial support to help their employees receive computer-aided design (CAD) training). Local schools and Ontario Tech University also provide support that will allow Scalar Performance to continue to grow.

Learn more about Scalar Performance and how QEDC helps manufacturers in the Bay of Quinte. QEDC supports the region’s businesses, entrepreneurs, and local workforce.


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