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Drs Choice Optical Receives EODF Support from the Province

November 17, 2023

November 17, 2023: Article Source:

Tom Aquino’s vision of helping others have the best eyesight possible has taken a giant leap forward.

The owner of Dr’s Choice Optical in Trenton received a $337,500 investment from the Eastern Ontario Development Fund on Friday.

“We will be able to move forward, grow, create jobs in Quinte West and enhance our operation by using technology and AI to make us one of the best lense manufacturers in Ontario,” Aquino stated.

Dr’s Choice started over 30 years ago as an in-house operation serving local optometrists and their customers. Aquino has continued to boost production from basic lenses to progressives adding digitized servicing and state-of-the-art coatings – producing top-quality lenses for clients in five different provinces.

“Through successive process enhancements they have stayed at the cutting edge of quality and service,” said Energy Minister and Bay of Quinte MPP Todd Smith. “That commitment to innovation has led Tom Aquino and his team to investigate and add new machinery and automation.”

With a $2,250,560 investment Aquino recently purchased a new larger production facility at 37 Gotha Street and began its current expansion project to increase business with a fully automated line of surfacing equipment, a state-of-the-art coating facility offering custom hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static AR coatings, blue blockers and mirror coatings and enhanced edging equipment to ensure lenses fit perfectly in frames.

The facility will improve the quality and delivery of the lenses and coatings produced by Dr’s Choice.

“With this new facility and the existing line on Dundas Street, Dr’s Choice can ramp up its production to meet growing demand and further limit human error,” Smith continued. “Our government values the multi-million dollar investment that this family is making in our community of Quinte West.”

Aquino said the province’s investment will help increase their workforce from 14 to 20.

“These are high-tech jobs dealing with computer-driven machinery,” he explained. “You need to invest in your staff. We want them to do well. Our families are all in here because we believe in what we do.”

Staying driven and forward-thinking fuels his passion, Aquino offered.

“The difference in business between being merely good and truly great is how you embrace adversity and change,” Aquino expressed. “I have worked for myself for 47 years and I have never stopped doing that every day of my life. We will make people see the best they can possibly see with what we are investing here today.”


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