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Plastics & Packaging

In order for Canada to compete globally long-term, more companies need to become exporters and current exporters need to export to new markets. The Government of Canada knows its largest manufacturers, food-processing producers, need competitive access to packaging. Here’s how you can make sure you aren’t left behind.

Industry Canada hopes plastic companies will take Canada to the “top of the intellectual chain .” Companies need support in order to be innovative and find solutions to world-wide problems—like better waste disposal systems, safer plastic materials or, making plastic parts for the nearby automotive sector to lessen the weight (and emissions) of cars. QEDC can help you with applications for Research and Development Grants  and many other government incentives.

Most plastics companies that service the food processing, aerospace,  automotive sectors and sectors are in Ontario. The Bay of Quinte, in particular, offers a competitive advantage based on its central North American location and skilled workforce. From ease of transport to lower overheads, you’ll have more of what you need in the Bay of Quinte.

Specify your site and service needs or look at Available Industrial Properties.

See how Companies Like You have benefited from the Bay of Quinte’s excellent tertiary and corporate training programs: from Loyalist College, to four major universities within an hour’s drive.

Custom packaging plant, Premier Tech Biotechnologies, says they enjoy the area for the affordable labour rates, and employee loyalty. The Bay of Quinte’s secondary schools have good technical programs, so work experience, skill sets, and company culture encourage employees to stay long-term. Plastic and packaging companies can also profit with Summer Intern and Apprenticeship funding.

Corrugated plastic tubing company , GlobalMed, says they find it easy to attract new people to the area given the Bay of Quinte’s wonderful lifestyle and multiple job opportunities for family members.


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