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Logistics / Transportation

Make Toronto, Sarnia, Ottawa, and Montreal easy targets. Enter North America’s major markets by various Logistics/Transportation methods including rail, international and regional air, and F.A.S.T. crossings to the USA (from The Thousand Islands Bridge).

Access new markets, and coordinate easier transportation of goods from The Bay of Quinte Central to Canada’s main manufacturers  the Bay of Quinte is the ideal place for a distribution centre. The Highway 401 corridor borders the Bay of Quinte and stretches from Sarnia to Quebec City, allowing access to multiple USA Border Crossings, making same-day delivery possible to more than just one city. Local Logistics can help you reach your priority markets and better serve your Just-In-Time clients. With less congestion than Ontario’s major destinations, your fleet can travel at peak travel hours and experience fewer wait times at the USA Border.

Serve the large cluster of local Food and beverage producers (Canada’s largest manufacturing sector for shipments) and grow your business while also capitalizing on the local aerospace, plastics and packaging and auto parts industries.

Like other logistics companies, you’ll find it easy to build your workforce in The Bay of Quinte. Save on inexpensive, investment-ready land and buildings equipped for logistics, with lots of space for parking a fleet. You can invest instead in better equipment and technology to improve your performance and capabilities.

There are many experienced USA/Canada border drivers, as well as storage and transport facilities for fresh, liquid, cold, frozen and dry goods  already here.  Drivers’ pay rates are lower in the Bay of Quinte given the area’s affordable housing. See more of what the Bay of Quinte Life offers—and that includes jobs for the family members of your employees.

Look at current available properties or specify your site requirements so QEDC can help you determine whether the Bay of Quinte is for you or find relevant Government Incentives.

Get the complete picture of The Bay of Quinte Demographics – with your free copy of QEDC’s e-report designed for businesses.


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