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Food Processing

From Food Grade buildings  to Food Grade packaging, Canadian Food Processing Manufacturers have unique requirements. So if you’re going to relocate, you want to find additional benefits, like low operating costs or a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Reach more markets, more quickly from The Bay of Quinte

CENTRAL LOCATION: The large cluster of Food Processing plants already in the Bay of Quinte make it easy to share running costs or choose between key suppliers. From Plastics and Packaging manufacturers who take care of your food grade packaging requirements to multiple logistics companies coordinating delivery of your fresh, dry, cold or frozen goods all over North America, the Bay of Quinte’s central location and inexpensive land make investment more affordable than other regions.  Access raw materials from prime Ontario farmland, and still move goods all over the world with regional and international air service  and F.A.S.T. border crossings.

Besides The Space You Need, Get The Staff To Help You Serve Beyond City Limits

LABOUR: The majority of the Bay of Quinte’s labour population has secondary or tertiary education and is between the ages of 35-64. Committed to the area given the Bay of Quinte’s high quality of life, and lower cost of living you’ll be setting yourself up to employ a talented, loyal workforce who is also more progressively-minded than other regions when it comes to working with companies.

Worker’s wages in the Bay of Quinte are not as high as Toronto and Ottawa because housing is more affordable. Ask to receive the full demographic report for The Bay of Quinte which interprets Canadian Census information to help businesses make educated decisions about relocation.

How To Determine Profits and Problems BEFORE You Relocate To The Bay of Quinte

Of course, the Bay of Quinte’s Economic Development Commission (QEDC) can help you further  investigate your potential profit and risk before relocating to the Bay of Quinte region. QEDC will also help you get on the path to food safety compliance and prepare for facility auditing. Specify your site and service needs on the Site Consultant’s form, or call 866-961-7990 during business hours to get quick answers to questions you have.

Looking for more information on the benefits of doing Business in Ontario, Canada?
Request a free copy of QEDC’s “Understanding Canadian Business Structures”.

Find the Right Staff – Nearby.

Let QEDC and its partners (MFRC, Career Edge, Meta Employment Services, Loyalist Community Employment Services, Hastings County Employment Services, Service Canada) help you find suitable candidates, and positions for the partners of the staff you recruit. From top-level Food Processing Training to fast track and short term corporate training for your staff you’ll always have access to skilled workers. Look at the Loyalist Training & Knowledge Centre to see upcoming Corporate Training Programs, and the Loyalist Continuing Education Course Calendar.

Companies like you: Co-packer food processing facility in Belleville, Sprague Foods, cans and jars multiple food products. Being halfway between Toronto and Montreal means they can access two major markets and still send products around the world.  Plus, see Government incentives, the Food Industry Can Benefit From.


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