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Auto Parts

Whether you’re a supplier to Honda, GM, Toyota, or Ford, avoid city traffic and access new markets with F.A.S.T. Border crossings to the USA. Make use of a progressive workforce, training and research at Loyalist College and the Automotive Centre at UOIT. You’ll discover it’s easier to “create sustainable competitive advantages” in The Bay of Quinte.

Canada can’t rely on exchange rates anymore to stay cost-competitive. The popularity of automotive manufacturing in low-cost countries means that Canadian Tier 1, 2 and 3 car manufacturers must begin to lead the “intellectual chain.” And it’s all happening near the Bay of Quinte. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s (UOIT) Automotive Centre Of Excellence, GM’s Beacon project, QEDC and a cluster of plastic factories are here to help you benefit from Industry Canada’s multiple Research and Development (R&D) grants and a network of private sector support.

Be part of the innovation: develop your proprietary technology on cheaper land in the Bay of Quinte.

The Bay of Quinte’s central location, low cost fixed expenses, and inexpensive investment-ready (or Greenfield) sites are an asset to auto parts manufacturers.

When you rely on the Highway 401 or Just-In-Time parts delivery, you want to make sure you’re in a location to satisfy your customers – without getting delayed by traffic. QEDC can connect you with the help you need to demonstrate compliance, anticipate change and become eligible for F.A.S.T. border crossings  into the USA.

Plus, multiple logistic companies are already here to support you by road, rail, international and regional air.

Prepare for long-term recruitmentand growth by sourcing talent from an Active, Highly Skilled Workforce.

Quinte Life appeals to all age groups, and it’s easy to attract talent to the area. However, you’re likely to find the skilled staff you need with Loyalist College’s local training programs and four universities an hour’s drive away. Plus, you can get a head-start on encouraging skilled labourers to choose you in the future with government incentives like summer interns and apprenticeships.Get the complete picture on The Bay of Quinte demographics, or specify your site requirements.

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