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With Canada’s major airforce base in Trenton, aerospace and aviation related manufacturing in the Bay of Quinte keeps you close to the end user and helpful liaisons. Set up adjacent to the military in an investment-ready industrial park. Make use of the multiple logistic companies in the area to access more of North America. Source highly skilled, business-minded employees like well-trained, ex-military staff to make recruitment easier.

Trenton’s airforce base is expanding and investing in new infrastructure.

The base is looking for private sector partners to help with everything from new hangers to the most advance aviation and defence technology. So it’s a good time to be in the Bay of Quinte if your company offers:

  • Aircraft Engines, Aircraft Parts and Aircraft
  • Avionics and Electronic Systems
  • Simulation and Training
  • Maintenance and Overhaul
  • Look at the list of available properties.

QEDC helps you anticipate change and apply for government incentives to foster your growth. Plus, nearby corporate training and tertiary education are constantly strengthening the highly skilled workforce. There are lots of reasons to enjoy life in the Bay of Quinte, like, the many jobs available for the family members of your staff.

Everyone has lower overheads in the Bay of Quinte, so there are multiple ways to benefit, from low cost utilities and land , to outsourcing to the creative economy.

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