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There’s strength in support and partnerships.

The Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) is well-poised to support local businesses and entrepreneurs with strategic planning, financing, training and site selection, and more. QEDC is located in the Bay of Quinte’s Business Development Centre (QBDC). QBDC is a collection of municipal, provincial and federal business and economic development agencies. So that the Bay of Quinte Region (Brighton, City of Quinte West (Trenton) and the City of Belleville) continues to grow, the QBDC groups work cooperatively to help businesses relocate and flourish in the region.

By creating products like the Complete Bay of Quinte Demographic report,where QEDC  interprets recent Census information to help businesses make educated decisions about relocation, QEDC helps you anticipate change, achieve compliance, and fulfil training needs. Benefit from complete supply chain synchronisation: the Food Processing sector needs Plastic and Packaging who also service auto parts and aerospace manufacturers – whom require the services of the logistics companies already here.

Let QEDC and partners (MFRC, Career Edge, Meta Employment Services,  Community Employment Services, Hastings County Employment Services, Service Canada) help you find suitable candidates, and positions for the partners of the staff you recruit. From top-level Food Processing Training to fast track and short term corporate training for your staff you’ll always have access to skilled workers.

Whether you need to find a suitable property or a government incentive, QEDC shows you options.

  • Find an available commercial site or industrial property
  • Recruit from a skilled, educated and active labour force who love to work!
  • Understand government incentives and profit from resources that help you innovate or achieve more.
  • Get help with compliance issues, or improving processes so you can become more productive.
  • Use the nearby Creative Economy to source unique skills (like online marketing) from low-overhead specialists.
  • In 2013, the QEDC was a key player in the development of the 2013 Greater Bay of Quinte Labour Market Project.  This up to-do-date labour market data, provided by local industry, was translated into a strategic plan of action to address identified needs.

Download a copy of the 2013 Greater Bay of Quinte Labour Market Project Final Report.

Looking for more information on the benefits of doing Business in Ontario, Canada?

How The Bay of Quinte region helped transform these companies:

  1. Research Casting International
  2. Sprague Food Processors
  3. GlobalMed Inc.
  4. Agrium Advanced Technologies


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