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November 16, 2015

Reid’s Dairy Company Ltd. is 100% Canadian and produces fresh Canadian dairy products manufactured with the highest standards of quality and care for local, provincial, national and international markets.

Specializing in fluid milk, juices, ice creams, and custom blends, using advanced processing capabilities, Reid’s Dairy manufactures and delivers products to your exact specifications.  Reid’s Dairy has the ability to produce your packaged products in cartons, bags, tubs, totes and various other containers and takes complete care of manufacturing your products.

Since 1910, most of the milk delivered to Reid’s Dairy (and used in Reid’s products) comes from local farms less than 100 km from Reid’s facility in the beautiful Bay of Quinte region.

Are You Looking for Dairy Co-Packing?  (Manufacturing & Packaging)

Reid’s Dairy has the knowledge, expertise and equipment required to produce and package your dairy products using minimal processing to allow your customers and their families to enjoy a fresh and delicious dairy experience. Maintaining the highest food safety standards has always been synonymous with the Reid’s Dairy brand name. Reid’s Dairy offers you retail, wholesale and industrial co-packing of fresh dairy products (to the highest quality standard) so you can confidently market your goods. 

Situated halfway between Toronto (Ontario) and Montreal (Quebec) – Reid’s Dairy has access to a large corridor of accessible markets.

What Attracts Companies to Dairy Co-Packing In the Bay of Quinte? 

The Canadian dairy industry is a strong, resilient and highly sustainable industry. Working with an established co-packer from the Bay of Quinte region allows your company to comply with Canadian food processing standards and to be competitive in the Canadian dairy market.

As an experienced co-packing facility – and trusted by Canadians for over 100 years—Reid’s Dairy has always been committed to producing fresh, delicious-tasting dairy products specified to high quality standards, safe for all families to enjoy.  Reid’s Dairy also offers you the opportunity to:

  • Produce specialty blends as small as 1,500 L: Reid’s fluid milk processing facility is equipped with modern technology to meet the demands of their customers.
  • Access various customized packaging: Reid’s customers avoid large capital costs by co-packing with an established facility. Reid’s Dairy has the equipment required to package fluid products in cartons, bags, tubs and 1000 L industrial totes.
  • Develop your product vision: Reid’s Dairy, and their trusted partners, will assist you with your need for specialty mixes and custom blending of fluid milk, fruit juice beverages, yogurts, soft serve and hard ice cream, and other dairy products.

Reid’s Dairy Company Ltd. is a Peanut-Free Facility that is Halal and Kosher certified, with the capacity to produce Organic products, too.

For more information, please give us a call today: (613) 967-1970 – Bill Hanna, VP Sales

Reid’s Dairy Company Ltd.
222 Bell Blvd.
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5B6

QEDC is so proud of what this company has achieved – we made a video

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